Sage Lake Girls Weekend

Marleen’s parents have a house on Sage Lake and she invited me, Jenny and Jennifer up for a Girls Weekend.  I’m not one to turn down a Girls Weekend so of course I was in!  I was a little hesitant to leave Amelia, but I knew I needed a weekend to recoup and have a little kid-free time.  Summer was halfway over and the kids were draining me quickly. 
SLGW was quite relaxing.  It involved a day of sitting on the lake and drinking… Yes, that is me in the lake.  Notice I’m on a raft.  I called dibs on the one that kept me out of the water most.  Luckily I wasn’t the only “anti-lake-swimmer”.  Jenny has the same sea-weed big-fish fear as I do and Marleen freaked us out by pulling anchor and moving the boat while Jenny and I were in the rafts (tied to the boat).  We looked down and we were no longer on the sandbar, but in DEEP, DARK water with LOTS of icky seaweed.  CREEEPY!  We survived to tell the tale, though.  

Since Girls Weekends are pretty much “ya had ta be there” type events, I’m just going to jot down a few memories for memories sake.

  • Sun, Lake and Drinking.  Did I mention we drank.  A lot?   Rachel was known for her BOW… Box of Wine.
  • Jennifer, aka Charlie Tango, and her “Tiger”.  Rarrrr! 
  • Running into Marleen “Aka Big Red”‘s childhood summer friends 
  • The Cedar Bar.  Ohhh the Cedar Bar.  
  • The terrible band (that oddly got much better as the night went on… hmm….)
  • “You know how we got ready and dressed up to come here for a night out?  Well, these people did the same thing.  And that’s the best they could do.”  HAHAHA!
  • Larry the Lobster hitting on Rachel “I picked you!”
  • Lots of shots of Jose Cuervo
  • Breakfast Shots?  No thanks. 
  • “Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!!”
  • Hitting the outlets on the way home… SHOPPING!!

Here’s till next year!

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