For some reason I have not been in a very bloggy mood, which sucks.  There are lots of things I’ve missed documenting these past THREE WEEKS that I’ve been MIA here.  I plan to go back and “record” the big things but there are so many little snippets and funny things the boys have done that I know I’ve forgotten.

Normally I feel really guilty for not blogging but I actually feel okay that I’ve taken a little break.  I hope that I can try to take 20 minutes a day to update with whatever little nonsense is on my mind and get back into a routine.

Speaking of routine… ugh.  This summer has felt SOOOO blah!  I honestly feel like I don’t have time to really focus on any task for longer than a few minutes without having one of the kids needing me for something (usually this would mean breaking up a squabble between the boys or redirecting them from whatever chaos they are creating… typical typical!).  I’m actually looking forward to school starting.  Wait, no…. I’m not, but I am. Does that make sense?  I’m looking forward to my “new role” here at home being a WAHM (errr… work at home mom) and hopefully will find it easier to get work done when the boys are at school and it is just Amelia and I here.  I am still thinking of putting Amelia in daycare one day a week, but we’ll see…

Tonight Porter (or, really, the boys…) are having their first friend sleepover.  Eian, our neighbor, is staying the night.  I forget how it feels to be a kid and have a friend over, and more than once I found myself irritated with the noise and busy-ness and wanting to put them to bed early.  But then I remembered how fun it was to stay up late and be silly and be imaginative and have fun with a friend, so I tried to loosen up.  Hudson did go to bed earlier than P and E because he was having meltdowns, but Porter and Eian stayed up and played dress up, GI Joes, made a fort in the playhouse in the basement and giggled and chitty chatted.   I was sewing downstairs so it was cute entertainment while I sewed.

[soda and popsicles from gary and linda]

I’m having a serious camping itch this week.   We have not camped at all this summer.  In fact… we’ve only gone on one “trip” this whole summer…. our week up north on Lake Huron (which I never finished blogging about… hmm….).  I miss camping!!  We do have reservations to go to Holland in September and are thinking about an end of October camping trip with Lori and family, but I want to go now!  I feel like this summer has flown by and we’ve done nothing.  Boo!  

  1. super cute for him to have a sleepover! tucker hasn't had one with friends yet, just his cousins. and i feel the same way when friends are over, but then i have to remember how FUN it is to just play with wild abandon. haha! by the way, we usually camp 7 or 8 times a summer and this year we have went ONCE. so i totally hear you. summer went by way to quickly!

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