Finding a new normal

I’m terrible at routine in the summer.  Terrible.  We just kind of helter skelter all about and that’s about it.   Fall brings routine, usually, because USUALLY I’m GOING to work and the kids are at school/daycare.  This fall, I’m thinking I’m going to need to get some sort of schedule in place so I feel productive.

Do you have designated “snack times” in your house?  We never have.  But I’m thinking, since I”m now an “at home” mommy (not sure whether to call myself a stay-at-home-mom or work-at-home-mom because really, I AM working…. my fall sessions haven’t started yet and I am still making signs, though I do a lot at night) that I could attempt to be a little better at this domestic stuff.

So I’m thinking:

6:45-7:25: Get Porter ready for school, breakfast for kids etc etc…

7:30: Porter on the bus

7:30-8:30: Free time/clean up/laundry etc etc…

8:30: Amelia down for a nap.  Shower for me.

9:30: Amelia up (hmm… thinking maybe I need to try to hold her off from nap until 9-10?)

10:00: Snack

10:15: Walk, play outside etc

11:30: Lunch

(T-W-TH Hudson has school)

12:00: Hudson to school (otherwise, rest time at home until 1:00 unless he sleeps)

3:00: Pick up Hudson

3:15: Pick up Porter

3:30: Snack

I also need to get a little better at making dinners, or at least planning them.  I kid you not, I’m home ALL summer and I rarely prepare or plan dinner.  Ry gets home and we’re like “uhhhhhh….”  

I also need to try to plan some “working time” during the day.  Sure, I’m home, but I have lots of business-end stuff to do (most of my sessions are taking place in the evenings in the next 2 months) during the day.  While I kind of feel like I’m home and I should be spending it with the kids 100% of the time, I guess I’d rather be working at home with them playing nearby than working outside the house?  Finding balance is going to be tricky for me.   I’m thinking after I drop Hudson off at school will be the most ideal time to steal 2 hours or so to work.  That’s not enough, that’s for sure, but hopefully it will help chip away at the to do list so I don’t have so much editing/website/accounting stuff to do in the evenings.

*sigh*  what a rambling post.  

  1. You will find a balance.A schedule can't hur. But don't beat yourself up to bad about not getting things done, being a SAHM is a full time job by itself.

  2. I think I struggled with my feelings of “productivity” the most when I became a SAHM…or my definition of “productivity” and what I felt like “being productive” meant. It took me several years, actually, to realize that tending to the kids WAS, in fact, being productive and that sometimes that keeping them fed/changed/active was all I was really going to get “completed” that day while they were awake. When I finally became at peace with that EVERYONE was happier. Flexibility is key to being a SAHM – because often the best laid plans are thwarted by something or someone. Just roll with it. Know when you kids need to nap, eat, play and work all the rest in… maybe. Or maybe not. It is a HUGE adjustment, but you will rock it. 🙂

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