Can you believe it?  1500 blog posts! (and this is my 2nd blog…. 2005-2007 can be found here!)  I wish I could think of something awesome to do to celebrate but…. I’m low on brain cells today.  SO. Tired.

A little recap of our week:

It was Spirit Week for the boys this week.  Monday was Dress Crazy Day and Ry, Porter and I had fun putting together a wacky outfit.  He was a little nervous going to school (and I was slightly nervous for him as I dropped him off in the morning and saw lots of normal-dressed kids walking in…..) but when I picked him up he was all smiles.  He said some kids laughed at him but I told him he should have laughed at them because they were the ones dressed wrong!

My friend Kiley told me she overheard her daughter, Tatum, telling her big brother “Boys with freckles and mohawks are frickin’ hot!”  Oh. My. Word.  Kiley says “Did she really just say that??” HAHAHAH!  Cracks me up.  I can only imagine what the playground supervisors overhear!  Apparently Porter is Tatum’s boyfriend.  So cute.  I about died when Porter brought home a little mini-wallet picture of Tatum’s school pictures.  I had to tease him a little (and hilarious- he totally kept staring at her picture. Looks like we’re going to have to watch out for these two!!)
Hudson is loving school.  I’m so proud of his newfound independence   He is usually pretty clingy to me, and so shy in new situations.  After the first week of school something just clicked and he is so bummed on Monday when Porter gets to go to school and he has to wait until Tuesday.   I did start doing some preschool work with him at home, and he was pretty proud of himself.  We did some rainbow writing, an A for Alligator and practiced tracing different line patterns.  

Porter is doing great at school as well.  As much trouble as he gives us at home I am so so so thankful he is a great student and is doing so well academically.  He is reading Level 17-18 books right now and to exit 1st grade students ideally should be at a Level 16.  (although this really doesn’t matter for the long run…. in my experience in 1st grade he’ll probably plateau around Level 20/21 and level out with the rest of the kids in 2nd grade… but still.  He rocks at reading.  SO proud of him!)

Both boys are doing their “All About Me” stuff this week and next.  On Wednesday, Hudson got to bring home the “Knee Bag” (errr.. “Me Bag” though he calls it the Knee Bag!).  He had to pick out something special to put in the bag and write 3 clues about it in the notebook.  He chose his green monkey.  He was so so so excited to be Helper that day and to pull his monkey out of the bag to show everyone.

Porter is the Star Student next week, though he already has his all about me poster done- finished it the day he brought it home.  He was so excited to do it!

Wednesday the boys started Awanas at a new church.  It is actually the church where I attended Awanas as a kid!  Kind of neat.  There are still familiar faces there and actually a lot of families from Bean Elementary were there.  It was nice to see some of my old students, though a little bittersweet.  Made me realize how much I miss the kids at school!

Since the boys have an hour and 45 minutes at Awanas, Ry and I decided to have a little date night at Outback.   Have you used the Outback Tablemates perks yet?  YOU MUST!  So awesome.   Ry signed up so we had a $5 reward to use, plus our monthly perk was ‘buy 2 entrees get an appetizer and dessert for free’.  We each had an entree, two sodas, an appetizer and a dessert and it cost us $28.15!!

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