Pumpkin Picking

We’ve made it a tradition to go to Adams Farm Market for our pumpkins.  You can’t beat $5 for huge beasts!  Unfortunately, we go there at 6:15 and realized they were closing at 6:30 so we were “speed shopping” for pumpkins and I was trying to document Amelia’s first pumpkin patch trip.  Boo.  I got some cute pics and the boys had fun pulling around their own wagons and attempting to load up the huge pumpkins.  Hudson was in a beastly mood so he’s pretty grumpy in every picture!  

This boy just loves picking Amelia up and thinks he’s an adult.  He is good with her, though, and is so careful.

When we got home I bribed them with 10 extra minutes to stay up if they let me get a picture.  And “a” picture is what I got!

Because this is their typical silliness….

  1. I LOVE the picture with you and Hudson! I usually forget to make my husband take a picture with me in it. I'll have no record of my existence. GAH!

  2. adorable pics! Where is that place? I'd like to try it out… I was going to take the girls to FFF but I see so many of my friends' FB statuses that say “going to FFF this weekend!” and that's great but we like to avoid crowds too.

  3. Oh my word…that first pic of Amelia is so stinkin' cute! And I love the second to last one posted of all three of them. Just precious!

  4. oh my goodness SO CUTE. i love the one with all three in the wagon with all the pumpkins in the back! and amelia has a huge smile! to die for. 🙂

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