Oh Porter.    You slay me with your enthusiasm for life.  Yes, that’s what I’m going to call it.   This year you wanted to play flag football again.  Daddy and I have agreed to let you explore sports and activities as you become interested on your own, so we signed you up.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make any of the practices because I had sessions, but thank you buddy for understanding when we had a little talk about it.  I love you.  And I do believe that a very wise therapist I’ve spoken to is right- it’s okay to miss some things. You should be playing for YOU, not for everyone else.  Your feeling of achievement and desire to play shouldn’t be because of who is in the stands.  We will *always* be there to support and cheer for you whether you choose to play football or soccer or debate team or band, but that doesn’t mean we have to be at every single practice or game.  So, I guess we’re good on that because I was only at one of your football “practices”- the scrimmage at the JV game halftime.

This is the first year we’ve really taken you to any football games.  We went to homecoming last week and Daddy and I were cracking up at how social you were.  You ARE.  Seriously, I was such a shy kid and really didn’t come out of my shell until sometime in the middle of college.  And now, well, some friends who didn’t know me as a kid find it hilarious that I was shy and quite unsocial as a kid.  I’m not sure you get that from me 🙂   During the homecoming game you were constantly asking to go say hi to Mrs so-and-so, and if you could go say hi to Elyse or Hannah or Brianna or Hunter, and you were going up to the older kids you knew from football like it was nothing.   You were the same way at the JV game- running around the stands and under the bleachers with all the kids who play flag football, raising ruckus.  And you made your way through the stands a time or two to say hi to random teachers and kids you knew from school.  I saw you a few times go sit with the Varsity players who coach you.  It cracks me up, but I’m also so glad you’re such a confident, outgoing boy.   It will take you far in life and I know you won’t ever have a problem making friends with anyone you’re put into a situation with!
I was curious to watch you interact with your team at the JV game because last year you were a little more focused on just chasing people and pushing and shoving and tackling.  Daddy said he’s had to have a few talks with you this year about it being FLAG Football, not tackle, so hopefully one of these years it sticks.  Coach Allen told Daddy he “loves the spirit the purple team has” and he “hopes they keep it until high school.” HAHA!  After watching a handful of you wild monkeys out there I see what he means.  
One of your coaches definitely had his hands full with you.  I could see his love of working with kids as he joked around with you and overlooked your annoying amount of energy as I rolled my eyes at it.  The coaches you had this year were much better than last year.  Daddy said the program was more structured as well, which is nice to know.  We joked that this must be part of the high schools birth control program or something- having the Varsity football players coach K-3 kids on one team!  Funny stuff, there. 
To be honest, I really didn’t pay much attention to the “scrimmage” you played.  I videotaped it, sure.  But I was more focused on your enjoyment.  Watching my little guy out there running and playing with friends and having a good time.  And buddy, that’s what makes me proud.  I want you to know this. I want you to know this is my goal from early on.  Because boys’ sports- they’re something else.   The competitiveness among parents and coaches and pressure on the kids starts so early.  And I don’t want you to think that you amount to how good you are at a sport.  I want you to enjoy yourself.  Have fun.  Don’t take it too seriously because after all, its just a game.  It’s not life.  Have fun, have heart, be a good sport and stay humble.  Please.  
“Did you have fun, buddy?” 
“YES, Mom… it was SO much fun!”
Good.  Good.  Love you bub!

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