Changing Times

This past week has flown by!  My mom was here to vist and as usual, it went by way too fast.  😦   I miss her being nearby and seeing the kids often.

The time change is tonight… in 40 minutes to be exact.  That technically means I get an extra hour of sleep (or editing… or web surfing…) but since I have kids it pretty much means I’ll be getting up at the butt crack of dawn because my kid will think it is 7am and it will really be only 6am.  Ugh. This morning the boys did surprise me by letting us sleep in until 9am… we found them downstairs watching Madagascar 3 surrounded by empty Halloween candy wrappers.  Typical.

November is NaBloPoMo…. and for the past few years I’ve done a great job at attempting to post each day and year after year… failing.   Well… since today is the Time Change, I’m going to use this Time to Change my bad blogging habits.   Or at least put in a good effort to attempt to change them 🙂  Anyone else care to join me?   I’m going to try to set aside at least 20 min/day to jot a little something down on the ol’ blog.

So let me recap my last week:

Saturday:  Porter had a Halloween party at a friends house.  Its so neat that he is old enough to have these kind of friend parties!   The school doesn’t celebrate Halloween and P’s friends parents said they felt like the kids should get to see each other dressed up.  She did a great job with the party… I picked Porter up and they’d had a Halloween snack, made a craft, played outside, had goodie bags.  Good times!

We celebrated my Grandma’s 70th birthday!  My aunt threw her a huge party and I loved seeing her so happy and everyone there celebrating her!  She is an amazing person- I love her to death.  Happy Birthday Grandma… you don’t look a day over 75! HAHAHA!  (inside joke y’all)  

Sunday:  More Halloween fun!  We went to church, spent the early afternoon at my grandma’s so the kids could have ice cream with her.  Her party was no-kids, so we wanted them to have a chance to celebrate too.   Addi also got a late b-day present from my mom:  Butterscotch the mini pony!  She is such a little animal lover- reminds me of me!   She also loooves horses!  

Sunday afternoon we headed out to the Huff Compound for a hayride/bonfire and hotdogs.  Between all of the Huff grandkids (4 girls and 3 boys), and just the couple friends who went there were quite a few kids!  The boys, typical, spent the evening rough housing and wrestling.  I just don’t get boys.  
Monday:  Ry had taken the day off work so it was a nice surprise to have the day with him home.   He took Porter to school and then in the early afternoon decided to take Hudson to a movie.  It was around 1:30 and he decided he’d pick Porter up early from school and surprise him.  So, the boys had an extra special date day with daddy!  We met my mom and Aubri for dinner at Hunt Club and then had our traditional ice cream at The Parlour.  YUM!!

This family got the Dare To Be Great:   21 scoops!!!

Tuesday:  Hmm.  I don’t remember Tuesday. 
Wednesday was Halloween.  I’ll give that it’s own post 🙂  
Adios!  It’s now 2am and I’m pretty sure I’ll hate myself in the morning.   

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