Total and utter Mom fail this morning.

I’m in desperate need of a chiropractor visit but unfortunately mine isn’t in the office today. I can feel it in the left side of my neck and my left hip. Knots and pinching and if like to twist my neck around and just snap that knot!

I spent most of the night tossing and turning because Hudson ended up in bed with us for the 3rd time last night. Despite returning him to his bed twice.

This morning I couldn’t function. Hudson woke at 6:00 whining that he was starving. Well of course- you refused to eat dinner last night! Ryan kept hitting snooze on his alarm and I just wanted him to get the hell out of bed so I could have room to stretch out.

Somehow I ended up asleep again, and woke at 7 to find my phone missing. Porter had it downstairs playing a game. I confiscated it and put a passcode on it and told him to get dressed. I went back to bed for what I thought would be a few minutes.

I woke and it was light outside. I came downstairs to find Porter dressed, coat and shoes on, packing his bag and ready to head to school. It was 8:15- the neighbor would be picking him up any second! I opened the front door to see her pull up and open the backdoor for him.

I kissed him and zipped up his bag, apologized for sleeping so late and told him to have a great day and that I loved him.

I love my independent boy. He is amazing. But I feel terrible I was totally absent this morning. 

Mom. Fail.

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