The boys do this utterly adorable, annoying yet so familiar thing when they’re watching tv/movies.

“I’m so-and-so”

“I’m the blue guy”

“I’m Scooby Doo!”

They call dibs on characters to “be” them.   To Ryan, this is utterly weird and unfamiliar.  His sister is 10 years older than him, so he practically grew up an only child.   To me, however, I grew up calling dibs on the favored tv character.  My sister and I, as well as my BFF growing up, Maria, did this all the time!  We’d pretend to be certain people in movies.  The Olsen Twins were huge when we were little.  We’d watch their movies and each be one of the characters.  We’d play house and choose people in magazines to “be”.  

I thought this was just a girl thing, or something my sister, Maria and I had made up as kids.  But lo and behold, my boys are doing it without prompting.  I don’t know where they got the idea from. It started with Wild Kratts, the cartoon.  There’s a green guy (Chris) and the blue guy (Martin).  They surprised me one day saying “I”m Chris!”  “I’m Martin!”

They’ve begun doing it while watching all sorts of shows.  They’ll even assign other members of the family to characters in the shows!  

Do your kids do this?   Did you do this as a child?  Or… are the BeVier genes just kind of weird?

  1. Yes, pretending is HUGE in my house and has been since the moment Gavin could talk. To put it this way…it's rare that he isn't pretending to “be” someone else. It usually has to do with whatever it was that he saw/watched last. Christmas time he pretended to be our Elf on a Shelf. Today it was all of them being Fireman Sam. It's fun! And I remember doing the same thing as a kid.

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