My 3 little birdies

Though we have many a bad day around here, and most often I tuck the kids in bed with a big sigh of relief, everyone in awhile I fall into bed completely smitten with a bit of perspective each of my children have served me with that day.

On my bed tonight was a book from nap time with Hudson.  How I love our Mondays and Fridays (days he doesn’t have school).  I don’t nap with him often, but every few weeks I will lay down with him and rest.  It is much needed for me, and I love snuggling with him!   Returning to a “work outside the home job” next year is something I’m unsure of right now.  Regardless what direction my photography business leads me, I will never regret this year home with my babies.  I love sweet moments with Hudson and will miss them terribly when he goes to kindergarten this fall.

We had pizza and a movie tonight.  We watched Toy Story 3.  Porter is such a tenderhearted boy.  When the clown was telling the story about Lotso being replaced when Daisy lost him, and the baby doll was crying, Porter gravved a pillow and buried his face.  Without thinking, I jokingly pulled the pillow away and realized he was crying.  My sweet boy felt brokenhearted for these toys.  I love his tender heart.  I tend to be so hard on him sometimes, expecting so much from him and I often forget that he is just a little boy with a big heart that can be broken so easily.

And Amelia… oh this baby girl is such a love bug.   It melts my heart when she grins so big her eyes turn to half moons.  When Oma came over the other day she hugged her.  Laid her head on her shoulder and hugged her.  I love when she does this.  And she triest o give kisses.  She loves her baby dolls and loves to rock the doll crib in her room.  I love when I feed her before bed and when she is done with her bottle she pushes it away, rolls onto her stomach against my chest, burps and falls asleep.  Bellyful.  Content.  Peaceful.  Other times she just wants her bed.  She grabs her paci and practically leaps into her bed from my arms, grabs her blanket and rolls over to sleep.  When she is tired she is the easiest kid to put to bed.  She loves to give me her paci.  It is such a game to her.  She takes it from her mouth and puts it in mine and then laughs as she yanks it back out.  She is so silly.  It melts my heart.

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