Who would have thunk it?

Who would have thought that Amelia would have the first broken bone out of the 3 kids.  I guess it was inevitable… She’s a little monkey.  

Last Friday she fell down the stairs. Uncarpeted. From the very top.  She had been sitting at the top of the stairs and I was putting on makeup in the bathroom just a couple steps away.  She knows how to go up and down the stairs so it didn’t alarm me when she was sitting there.  She stood up on the 2nd step (where her feet had been resting) and I immediately went to grab her but in the moments it took me to reach her she lost her balance and cartwheeled down the stairs, and then rolled, and fell forward and hit her head at the bottom.  

I felt like I was in slow motion trying to reach her.  All I could think was she was going to have a head injury or something.  I was shaking when I reached her and picked her up.  She was crying and within a few minutes shed calmed down.  I checked her over and she seemed fine.  Crisis averted, or so I thought. 

We headed to the campground and it wasn’t until Sunday or Monday that I started noticing her being a little sensitive about her wrist. When I would take her arm out of her carseat shed whine a little.  And when she would fall and land on her hands she was more dramatic then normal.  All week i contemplated taking her in.  But then shed start climbing or lifting things so i put it off.  Finally on Thursday i I decided to take her in

Literally as we were waiting for X-rays (which is super fun with a 15mo old!) she fell off a stool and hit her head on a metal cabinet.  I told the tech… See why were here!!  Haha!

They didn’t think she broke it but were going to have a radiologist to look at them.  They called Friday morning and told me she had a fracture.  So off to U of M we went.  After 45 minutes in the teeny tiny curtained partition of a patient room (shared with 2 other patients behind their little curtains), listening to Amelia shriek with mischief like a seagull for a majority of that time, they finally came in and told me they were going to cast her arm. 
The guy, Chris, who put her cast on was great.  She pulled a 180 from her behavior the previous 45 minutes and sat still as stone in my lap, watching intently as he swiftly wrapped her wrist, working as quickly and accurately as he could.  She seemed in awe.  And the cast has not set her back at all…. she uses her arm like normal, and it surely doesn’t slow her down.

There we go, folks…. the first broken bone.  

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