Amelia Jane | 18 months

Amelia had her 18 month well-baby checkup today.  She weighed a whopping 20lbs 2oz and was 32inches tall.

After her nap, I’d had plans to go check out a new barn.  I was talking to her as I got her dressed, telling her we were going to a new barn today.  She says “See Yaycey?  Shoes?  Yaycey?”  I told her no, we aren’t going to see Lacey today.  Talk about crocodile tears!   She was so upset.  But, once we got to the barn to check it out she was thrilled to run around and see the horses there and forgot all about going to “see yaycee”.  

So, this barn we checked out.  Oh my goodness did I fall in love!   It’s GORGEOUS!   And the barn manager is SO SO knowledgeable about horses and their care.  Biggest bonus- indoor arena!  Which means I can ride more often in the winter (as opposed to barely at all… because I’m getting old and too lame to want to ride in the winter weather!).  Downside to this magnificent place?  The price (of course).   I know that technically I can afford it easily, as I’m making plenty with my oil business but I am trying to be logical… is it “necessary?”   Ry and I talked about it and decided that spring was a good time to move her on over, so that’s the plan.  

Want to see this gorgeous place?   Here it is… Crosswinds Farm

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