Westwinds November 24th

Unforgiveness kills you.   Its like a cancer in your heart.  It’ll screw you over in every direction.  It’ll make you miserable and the people around you miserable.   You forgive so that you can live free from the curse of your bitterness.

A mustard seed only reveals its full potency once its been cracked in half.   If its just put in the ground left to grow eventually it’ll burst out of the pod.  When it bursts on its own thats when the explosive growth begins.  That’s when its becomes its most impressive

But other things can crack it open too…. a bird, stepping on it, whatever.

The thing is…. its growth really accelerates when it is attacked.

And so it is with you.   Most of us don’t like pain… suffering… hardship.  But whatever is hurting you now? That’s when you can grow the most meaningfully and quickly.

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