Disney Day 3: Epcot

Epcot has never been my favorite park, so we didn’t plan to spend a ton of time here. Our two main must-dos were Test Track and Soarin’. They’re on opposite sides of the park so we were torn as to which one to go to first, knowing the lines would be long shortly after entering the park.

 Mom had kept Amelia at the condo since there weren’t many rides for her at Epcot. We decided to head to Test Track first (10min wait!), as the boys were really excited to make their own cars. Porter, again, became anxious before getting on the ride, and was saying he didn’t want to ride it. By the time we got off he was crying. GAH! Never would have thought he wouldn’t like it!

We hurried across the park to pick up FP’s for Soarin’, which were already scheduled for the afternoon.  While we waited we went to the Finding Nemo ride (10min wait) and then Turtle Talk with Crush (10min wait). LOVED Turtle Talk with Crush! I wish we’d done it again!

Then we went to Mission: Space, which had like a 10 min wait. That’s the magic number this week! We rode the green one, and of course Porter BAWLED manically before getting on, despite another younger boy telling him it was fun and not scary. Sure as shit, he LOVED it so we got on again. We couldn’t get them to try the orange/extreme ride but oh well. We checked out Innoventions, and then had lunch at the Electric Umbrella. Pretty good meal! 

We walked through Mexico and Norway and then headed back to ride Soarin’. The stand by line was at 90 minutes… ouch! We only waited for maybe 10/15 minutes with the FP’s. We called it a day after that, and later in the evening my mom and Ryan went back to Epcot to ride some rides together while I stayed back with the kids.

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