2 for 2

After the past 5 days of sickness going through our house, and spending New Years Eve in the ER, I decided I needed to get the kids out of the house. I’d wanted to take them sledding but decided to go ice skating.  Bad idea.

Luckily, yesterday evening I decided to ask Sydney to come with us.  The boys can skate, as can I, but Amelia has never ice skated and she’s only 20 months old so I wasn’t sure she’d even be able to. So… I figured if she wasn’t into skating at least Syd could skate with the boys while I wrangled Amelia.

We first headed out to the barn to drop off my board check.  Lacey’s pasture buddy, Trey, is being boarded inside for January and February so I decided to have her brought inside as well since the weather has been icky.   She’s getting old, too, so I know the cold weather will be getting harder on her.  And I also couldn’t bear the thought of her outside all night, alone in the cold.  Anyhow, totally worth the extra $50 a month for peace of mind that she’s cozy, warm and has company.

The boys… as we’re going down a hill on the way to the barn. 

Amelia was adorable when we pulled into Crosswinds.  She started SQUEALING… so so cute.  She was squealing and saying “Horsey!  Yaycee!  Yaycee!!”  We parked and while I wrote out a check, Porter ran into the barn to use the bathroom and Amelia about lost it thinking she wasn’t going to get to go in.  So, of course I had to take her in to see the horses.  She kept asking to see Lacey so we walked out to her paddock to see her.  I love that she loves horses!

The roads were bad, so we didn’t pick up Syd and get to the ice rink until about 11:30.  We got everyone’s skates on and got out on the ice.  Amelia was grinning ear to ear, and trying so hard to skate.  The boys took off, having fun.   Amelia and I made it halfway around the rink and I wanted to take some pictures.  I asked Sydney to stand with her while I deleted some pictures off my camera (because the card was full)

Out of nowhere I am hit from behind and I fly up in the air, I land on my back and hand, and see my camera flying across the ice.  Porter had run into me with the walker.  I knew immediately my wrist was broken.  I felt it crush.  I pulled it close to my body and began panicking.  Here I was, in the middle of the ice, a broken wrist, with a 1 year old, my babysitter and 2 boys, and my husband is home sick with influenza.  HOW am I going to get out of this??

Everyone was staring at me.  I yelled that I needed help and finally someone came out to help me up.  I told him my wrist was broke.  I knew it.  Syd carried Amelia off the ice and as I stepped off the ice the pain was unbearable and I began to get nauseous and the rink started to spin.  I didn’t know what to do… I was panicking, in pain and thought I was going to pass out.

I sat down and started bawling.  I didn’t want to move… my wrist hurt so bad.  Someone convinced me to move my hand and look at it and it looked like it was in the shape of a “z” it was so disfigured.  I knew it was bad.  This made me panic more.  The rest was such a blur… someone called my grandma, and the paramedics.  They checked me out and said to head to the ER or ride in the ambulance.  Syd had just got her drivers license so somehow I managed to arrange to have my grandma take the kids home in the van and Syd drive me to the ER in my grandmas car.  Someone took my skates off and helped me get my boots on.  It was all a blur and I was in so much pain, and crying a terrible ugly cry.  I wanted someone to give me pain medication.

At the ER I had finally calmed down, and they were able to help me out of my coat without too much pain.  They called my wrist a “positive deformity” HAHA!  Sydney and I were there for awhile and they finally got me in for x-rays and into a room with an IV.  They knocked me out and snapped my wrist back into place (somewhat) and I woke with a bandaged up arm.  Ry showed up after his doctors appt.  They took xrays again and said I’d likely need screws because the break was in the wrist joint and my bone was in 3 pieces. Great!!  So, tomorrow I’ll have to call the orthopedic doctor and find out what is going on.  I am so thankful Sydney was with us.  She was such a huge help, and great support for me.

Porter feels terrible… my grandma said he was beating himself up for knocking me down.  Part of me thinks he did it on purpose, thinking he was being funny (not intentionally wanting to hurt me, of course, but immediately after we got on the ice he had ran into Hudson and Amelia’s walkers just trying to be funny, and I warned him not to run into people.  Not 10 minutes later he runs into me… coincidence??)  Anyhow, I feel bad because I totally scolded him when I fell… I growled at him that THIS is why you don’t run into people!  (and then likely something like “oh shit oh shit my wrist is broke.  its broke! oh my god what am i going to do!”)  I keep telling him it was an accident and I know he didn’t mean for me to get hurt.  But part of me wants him to realize the severity of his actions when he’s goofing around, but he’s so scared hearing I might need surgery and he keeps saying “If I didn’t knock into you you wouldn’t need to have surgery would you mom?”  Poor guy!!

So anyhow…. 2014 is starting out GREAT…. we spent NYE and the wee morning of Jan 1 in the ER, and back to the ER on Jan 2!  And remember last year we spend the beginning of 2013 in the ER with Porter?  Oh boy.  Let’s not make THIS a tradition!

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