let’s talk nicknames

I always find it funny how kids get nicknames…. I know some people specifically pick out their kids’ nicknames and that’s what they call them.   Us, however, we’ve somehow ended up with very random, off the wall nicknames for our kids.

He goes by Poe quite often (and even requested in school to be called Poe… I was shocked when I went in to his class to help out and everyone was referring to him as Poe!) When he was littler we called him P-Man but that didn’t stick for much longer than his baby years.   He doesn’t have too odd of nicknames, but we do call him things like Duder, Poe-Sniggety, Poe-Ev,  Poe-D…. uhmmm… that’s about it.

This boy has quite the slew of random nicknames. Bess is the most common… Bess and Bessie.  It started when he was a baby and Porter started calling him Hudson Bessie out of the blue.  And it stuck!  So, don’t be surprised if you hear us call “Hey Bess!”  or “Bessie come here!”   It just is natural… but soo soo odd.  We also call him Bessie Boo, BesserNater, Snugger, Snugmeister, Sugar Bear

Her most common nickname is AJ by family members, but we also have somehow given her the nickname Tee or Tee-Tee.  The only thing I can think of is that it morphed from Sissy (Sissy –> Tissy –> Tiss Tiss –> Tee Tee).  Tee/Tee-Tee has turned in to Teeter Totter.  I kid you not.  We call our baby girl Teeter Totter.  AmerJamer (AymerJaymer) and AJ Bada BayJay is another.  Ry calls her Smunchkin.  Sissy and Sissy Boo or Sis are pretty common as well.  When I was pregnant I’d wanted to have her nickname be Mela/Mila (mee-lah) or Meels or Meelie.  But… that hasn’t sprouted out yet.  Maybe once she’s gets a little older?  We didn’t start calling Porter Poe until he was 3 or so.   We shall see!

So… what are your kids’ nicknames?

  1. I love names and nicknames! My daughter's name is Caroline but I knew I did not want to call her Carrie! The first nickname she got was Doodle-Scoot which got shortened and now we call her Scoot almost all the time. My son's name is Nathan and again I knew I did not want to call him Nate! Out of nowhere we started calling him Moose when he was born. That probably only lasted a couple of months and now we call him Buddy almost all the time.

  2. i call max 'bud' or 'buddy' almost all the time. we used to call him 'squirmy' when he was a baby, and sometimes still do! squirmy man, or squirms, etc. vivi i call sweet pea or sometimes vivi jo. tom calls her vivster. 🙂 and eli we call 'e' or 'weez' because when i was pregnant with him vivi wanted to name the baby eloise if it was a girl, so we joked with her that if it was a boy we'd name him 'eli-oise. 🙂

  3. Brooklyn gets called Barbara (not sure why) abd Jackson gets called bun-bun. When he was a newborn and “wrinkly” Brooklyn thought he looked like a baby hamster, then I said he looked like a bunny, so bun-bun has stuck lol

  4. sounds like our house…my son Ryan is Bones, he was soooo skinny when he was younger…his sister called him brother all the time, never his name just broher…now she calls him ree-ree, no idea why…my daughter is Morgan, i use to call her Moe but Ryan started calling her Chee-Chee when she was months old…i think that came from gramma saying goochie goo to her…he has never ever called or said Morgan…she is always Chee-Chee or Cheech…i think she always will be…she gets Morgie from her friends but even at school the teachers call her Chee-Cheec…you are right, its funny how nick names come out of no where…lol

  5. We have a whole slew of nicknames in our house. It's a little out of hand. Bianca has the most. Beebs, BB Diddles, B diddy, diddies and the list goes on. Annika's most common is Neeks, Sneaky Neeky, Neeky Pie, Neek Neek, etc… Bennett only has a few, Buddy, Bud, The Dude, Dudesie and when I'm really mad, Bennett James Freakin' Sauer HAHA! He needs 4 names to yell cause he can be such a pill LOL! Nicknames are so random, they come from such random places and those are the ones that stick!

  6. We call Collin “Pep” or “pepper pots” which came from my husband calling him Collin Pepper Jones- which I have no idea where that even came from. It somehow got shorted to Pep. Sometimes I wonder what people think when we are out in public and I call him Pep. To funny that everyone seems to have weird nicknames for their kids. Mine was Phoof growing up, which came from my sister calling me phoofy the fart. I have friends that still call me phoof.

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