kiwi crate

Have you heard of Kiwi Crate? It’s kind of like Birch Box… but for kids crafts! It’s a monthly craft mailed to your door geared toward your childs’ age. Last month I  randomly came across a blogger who posted about Kiwi Crate.  I was intrigued, and her post convinced me to try it.  I ordered a kit for the boys (I chose the “add a sibling” option so there are enough materials for both the boys to create!) and anxiously awaited our Kiwi Crate to arrive in January!
Upon unpacking our Kiwi Crate, I knew it was well worth it… this sucker is full of awesomeness!  If you want to try Kiwi Crate, I have a $10 off code for you!  Use this link: and you’ll get $10 off your first month order!

I decided to take pics while unpacking it, and show you what all was in our first kit (each month is a different kit!)

Are you ready???

The theme of January’s Kiwi Crate was “Polar Expedition”.  It came with TWO crafts (that surprised me!  I was only expecting one).  Now… I’m not positive if this is typical, or if this is because I enrolled two kids (paying an additional $10/mo).  However, both crafts came with enough supplies for BOTH kids. 

When I first unpacked it, it came with a little “explore” magazine for each of the boys, and two pair of scissors as well.

Inside the “explore” booklet are different stories, information pages, and MORE CRAFTS!  I didn’t expect this.  It came with a cookie cutter and recipes for salt dough ornaments as well as sugar cookies.  BONUS!!
What’s this… MORE awesomeness in the “explore” magazine?   An experiment making a borax crystal snowflake!

Ok… so onto the ACTUAL Kiwi Crate, you know, the crafts that I expected in here. (Seriously… by this point I was like, already sold.  I hadn’t even got to the kits that I paid for HAHA!)

Here are the two brochures for each craft.  They’re tri-fold brochures, they have step by step instructions as well as a picture of the final project.  It also tells, on the front bottom, a time allowance, how much parental help will be needed as well as skills it encourages.

Unpacking our first project… the Polar Window Clings!  It came with 2 sets of 3D paints, two glues, two already made window clings and also patterns for them to outline to make different window clings.

The next project is the Snowball Toss game.  It came with two kits to make felt mitts, two headbands and felt ears to make the polar bear ears, and two ping pong balls with velcro tabs to stick around it.

 The boys were so excited to check everything out.  They were oohing and aahing and can’t wait for us to have a little free time Monday afternoon during Amelia’s nap to make their projects!

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