Great Wolf Lodge | Spring Break 2014

This year we weren’t able to take our annual spring break beach vacation because Ryan couldn’t get time off work…. the other programmer beat him to putting in for the week off.  BOO.  I was not happy about being stuck in yucky Michigan spring for the week, let alone stuck home with 3 kids in the yucky Michigan spring.  I decided I’d take the kids somewhere for a few days to get us out of the house.

We contemplated Chicago but then were told Chicago was a mad-house over spring break with kids being off school, so we nixed that idea.  Great Wolf Lodge happened to send me an email promo and it was a great deal, so I booked a couple nights!

The last time we’d gone to GWL, Ryan had influenza and the boys ended up sick so we left a night early. It sucked.  (read about that here  And funny…. my pic of all my nasty cleaning supplies and OTC meds. GAG.  Porter has had a dry cough today and I’ve been oiling him up with Ravintsara and Eucalyptus.  My how times have changed….) I was excited for them to get to enjoy GWL… 2011 was the only year we went… and it was a bust!

My mom was in town for spring break so she came with us. Extra hands… yes, please!  I ended up surprising the boys with the trip the day before.  They were so shocked.  They couldn’t wait to go, and Hudson cracked me up packing his backpack and a huge bag full of his stuffed animals.  That kids loves his animals! 
We ate at a few places we rarely/never eat at… Jimmy Johns (eh okay… kind of bland) and 5 Guys (DELISH and fabulous service!).  We hit up Old Navy and Target (I forgot swimmy diapers and flip flops… and they were right next to eachother).  And of course… the hotel!!

The kids could not wait to get to the water park.  Amelia LOVES the water, so of course she’s yelling “MAAAAHHHHMMM!!!  Fwimmin!  Fwimmin!” trying to hurry us up.  She has no fear of water, and would play all day if she could!  The boys wanted to do the lazy river first.  Weird, right?   Amelia used her puddle jumper floater and she literally swam the entire way around the lazy river…. TWICE!  She has no fear.  They all went on the smaller water slides but I could NOT get the boys to go on the big ones!  Hudson did go on one off of the big Fort Mackenzie, but he surprised me with not being very daring in that aspect.  Porter didn’t surprise me.  The kid is fearless in so many other ways, but rides?  No way.  Disney taught me this about him HAHA!   Hudson loved everything there… the kiddie water slide, the lazy river, the activity pool and the toddler area.  He hopped from one place to another.  Porter liked the hot tub, activity pool and Fort Mackenzie.  Amelia loved the lazy river, kiddie slide, and the toddler area.  She has no fear of doing things on her own, walking up the stairs to the slide alone, going down alone, dunking into the water, swimming alone…. she amazes me.  

The first night we were there I let the boys do the MagiQuest.  We ended up doing some package that included the wand and topper and game and a cape… $100 later we were on our way.  It was a bit confusing at first to figure out but once we got going Hudson and I were able to complete one mission. We completed two more the next day.  It was a lot of money to invest, but the next time we go I know we’ll just have to pay for the actual game, and its a nice alternative to the water park. Keeps the kids entertained!  

Tuesday we all took a LOOOONNNNG nap in the afternoon.  I don’t think anyone slept very well the night before.  Amelia had woken up around 4am, and then the boys were up on and off from 6-8am.   Tuesday night we had pizza in the lobby and listened to Storytime, then headed to the room to hang out for the rest of the evening.  We watched some shows and relaxed.

The kids had so much fun. It was the perfect amount of time for the waterpark…. I wouldn’t do any longer than 2 nights that’s for sure.  We must make this an annual getaway during the winter!

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