Just some updates

  • Porter has been so so excited to be doing a “Tumble to Cheer” class after school.  I had a feeling it’d be all girls, but he was the one that said he wanted to do it.  One of the coaches was a male, so I thought… well maybe its more of a tumbling class, not “cheer”.  Yeah…. tumbling lasted about 2 minutes.  I left school to pick up Amelia and by the time I was half way to Marleen’s I got a call to pick him up because it’s all girls. Bummer.
  • H: (disgruntled because he lost his bedtime book for not getting his pajamas on during the 15 min he was upstairs) Everybody hates me. Nobody even wants to play with me outside at recess.

    P: I want to play with you Hudson but I don’t see you. If you would eat faster you could come out and we could play.

    H: What do you want me to eat all my food at one time and choke? And I would choke and die? And then an ambulance would have to come and everyone on the playground would see and hear what everyone was talking about?

    Oh the dramatics…

  • We finally planned our beach vacation for June.  We’re headed to a different location that normal… Topsail Island!  I’ve heard great things about the area, and I think it should be pretty similar to Holden Beach, where we usually go.
  • Because we waited so long to book our beach trip (because we were kind of in limbo waiting to hear if Ry was going to take a position at the Greensboro, NC location and I didn’t want to have a beach trip planned if we were going to be moving in June/July etc…)…. we had to change dates.  Which made our beach trip begin the same weekend I had plans to go to Chicago with Katie for a girls weekend and to see Needtobreathe in concert.  UGH.  I luckily was able to resell my tickets b/c the section I bought was sold out, but it bummed me out that I’m not going to get to see them in concert.  😦

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