our home away from home

We finally broke down and decided to get a camper.   We’ve contemplated it before by we were never in a good place financially to buy one, or take a loan out for one.  So, the timing felt right this spring.  We have been paying down debt and wanted to splurge on something fun for us as a family. We found a hybrid camper in great condition, owned by an older couple.  I was so nervous about spending the money on a camper because is heard horror stories about floor rot and water damage and delamination  Yadda yadda.  After meeting Betty and Bruce, I felt they were honest and trustworthy.  The kids are so excited about the camper.  I already have plans to decorate and recover the cushions and make new curtains!  I want to buy matching bedding so that it all is adorable and cozy and cute!  Haha!  I really want to paint the cabinets and go all out but I don’t think Ry is loving that idea.  Psshhhhaawwww!   So we made last minute plans for memorial weekend and are going to mackinaw for a week in August.  I am trying to make plans for a weekend in June, July and September too.  Not sure Ry will be able to take a lot of time off since we are going to the beach in June too.  But anyhow, Bring it on, 2014 camping season…. We are ready for ya!  

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