firefly nights

Tonight was one of those marvelous, once in a blue moon nights where life just seems perfect.  I almost missed out on these moments… I originally had plans to ditch the family after Kidz Kamp night and go for a few drinks.  The kids have been driving me bonkers at home lately.  It’s been a Long, rainy week. 

Anyhow, at church Ry decided he wanted to go to outback to eat after the Kidz Kamp event was over and the kids begged for brown bread.  It was 7:30 and I knew we were asking for a disaster.  We are gluttons for punishment and always leave dinners at restaurants thinking “why did we do this again??”   But anyhow, we went to outback.  
The kids were amazing.  Sure they got antsy but for the most part they were great!  They ate their food, kept themselves entertained and we treated them with desert.  We all shared a chocolate thunder in which no one whined over anyone else getting more than them.  We left and I couldn’t stop praising the kids for their good behavior.

On the way home Ry said to me “do you hear that?”  Yup. It was the sound of the boys talking and laughing and conspiring together.  Happily!   No fighting!  In this moment they were best friends.  Partners in crime.  

We got home and noticed there were fireflies outside.  We ran in and got a jar and went out back to catch some. They spent a good 20 minutes chasing the fireflies and filling their jars.  It was the perfect end to a summer night. 
Here’s to hoping they sleep in in the morning!

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