just…. enjoy.

I tend to push myself too much, and am guilty of not setting aside quality time to just decompress… to relax, let loose, have fun and ENJOY THE DAY.   This summer….. its almost over and I feel like I haven’t been allowed to do things that *I* want to do.  Things for myself.   Things with the kids.   And it’s silly… because I can do anything I want, but I have this thought in my mind that I have to be productively working, or at least feeling like I’m working, or else I’m slacking.  So, I’ve spent a lot of my summer working my butt off.  Sure, it pays off.  It pays off WELL.  But…. I also know I need to cherish these days because babies don’t keep.

Carly and Kinsley came over today and while we sat on the deck just watching the kids play (well…. I was regulating the boys b/c of course Porter always seems to make issues out of everything) and chatted about business and kids and life in general, I realized… I need to schedule time like this.  I NEEEEEED to make time for things like this.  To push work aside and just enjoy the day, enjoy the company, enjoy the kids.  

I hope that I keep this in mind, that I’ll never regret the time spent with the kids or the time spent with friends.   I’ll never look back on life and think “Oh, I wish I would have worked more”.  No.   I need to keep perspective.  Today brought me that.  Thank you.  

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