-I cared a wonder (I’m scared of thunder)

-Early one morning snuggling in bed with Porter and I. 
Amelia:  “Poe, you gimme a frog?” 
Poe: “no”. 
Amelia: “dang it all”

-One day I called her Sugar Bear. She said “I not sugar bear. I just a-meeah”

-I was dropping her off at Oma’s one morning and getting out of the truck she says “I don’t want to scare Oma. She nice”

-She’s so bossy to the boys. At dinner tonight she says “stop talking boys. Shhh!” She is constantly tattling on them but it’s for the silliest things. Like “Poe say me to stop it”. “Poe say me be quiet”.  

-Riding in the car today I said “the clouds look like cotton candy!”  She laughed so hard and said “you funny mama!”  I said “I just want to eat those clouds up!”  She laughed harder and said “yum yum I eat them in my belly!!”

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