November.   Thanksgiving.   The month of counting your blessings.

In a way, this seems so cliche.  So…. forced.  Why must we wait until November to be thankful for what we have?   I know it isn’t intentional but this month brings out everyone’s awareness of all they’ve been blessed with.   Be it a roof over their heads, a healthy family, a heavy burden resolved, final peace in their life, family finally near them, a new job, the ability to provide for their family, their technology, good food, their favorite shoes… whatever…. everyone seems to awaken to the awareness of their blessings.
I can’t count my blessings.  I’ve been given so many.   I’ve had seasons of severe drought.  I’ve had seasons of plentitude.  I’ve had seasons of contentment.   In all those seasons, I’ve always had exactly what I needed and have been thankful for it all, no matter how much suckage was felt during that time.
After coming from a season of severe drought, yet realizing now we had just enough, to a season of abundance (Lemon Dropper people let’s all gag at this word), I realize in both there are things gained and things lost.  Things given and things taken.  Things needed and things unnecessary.  I’m so thankful for it all.  I’m thankful for the highs and lows.   Live always seems to come around in a circle… around and around.  I know drought in some way or shape or form will come again and I’ll welcome it with thankfulness.
This year it is hard to express my gratitude and thankfulness.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Spending my days with Amelia.  Being available for the boys at anytime.  A new little life growing inside me that I can’t wait to meet.  Friends I never asked for or dreamt of.  Family that loves me through thick and thin (AHAH literally!).  Our health and that we aren’t facing anything life threatening.  My horse that has come full circle… my childhood dream now available to MY children. A home we love.  Neighbors we love. A church that I love to worship in.  A God that we can freely worship.  Internet!  A job I love and enjoy doing every day- the good parts and the sucky parts and the happy parts and the annoying parts.  The financial ability to give freely to others.  The ability to travel as we wish.  Finances to pay off student loans in huge chunks every month, and that the light at the end of the tunnel is so much closer than 20-30 years I’ve always accustomed myself to.
I hope you are all with loved ones today, or at least someone you’re loved by.  I hope you can see all your blessings, no matter how big or small, and for those be thankful.   Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  May you be blessed beyond measure.

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