Names names names…

Why is it so hard to name a baby??   The boys seemed so easy.  Porter we pretty much knew we’d name him Porter.   We took awhile to officially settle on the name only because we were afraid it was too “different”.   Hudson was a runner up for Porter, so when we were having Hudson we pretty much knew we’d go with Hudson, but again… there was about a month of debating other names. But… Hudson always was the go-to.

Amelia… she wasn’t named until she was born.  Although… I guess I kind of knew that’s what we’d settle on only because it was the only name we could agree on.  I really was pushing for Norah but Ryan said no.  So, when Amelia was born he looked at me and said “So… is it Amelia?” And I could tell he really wanted it to be Amelia so that’s what she was.

And this baby… well… I have no clue.  I still like Norah but maybe not AS much as I did when Amelia was born.  And Ryan isn’t a huge fan.  I have a list of names I’ve kind of narrowed my ideas down to, but… we’ll see.

Here’s the things I keep thinking of.

Porter Evan  (2 syllable, 2 syllable)
Hudson Riley  (2 syllable, 2 syllable)
Amelia Jane  (4 syllable, 1 syllable)

… all have 6 letter first names.  I really liked Norah Lucille for Amelia because it’d fulfill the 2 syllable, 2 syllable (though not 6 letters!)… but alas, we went with Amelia.  So.  I think… we could go with a 4 syllable girl name, or a 6 letter girl name.  I really don’t want to do a P or an H because sometimes when I write lists/notes/texts etc I use “P” or “H” or “AJ” for the kids.  So… if we had another P or H it would mess that up.  I also don’t really want a name that can be shortened naturally to a nickname (like.. Madison/Maddy, Kimberly/Kim, Abigail/Abby etc).  I’m weird.  I know.   HAHA!

So… here is a list of names.   Some are names that are seriously on “my” list.  Some are names that I’m going to throw out there to just add in 🙂  I’m not sure if we’ll tell her name until after she’s born so… we’ll see.


  1. I don't know how I missed this post! I really love this list. I also love Penelope, and it also has 4 syllables like Amelia. 🙂 And you can put any great 1 syllable middle name with it… Mae, Grace, Kate, Ruth, etc.

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