I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.  I’ve always WANTED to see the world, but never knew how I’d make it possible.  The COST!  The TIME!   In so many ways I am reminded how much Young Living has brought to my life and changed so much for us.  In the past year I’ve seen places I never thought I’d see, and in the coming year I have a full travel-log too.  And, as a family we’re getting to travel together.  I want my kids to love to travel.  I want to take them to see the world.  Yes, I know it will be EXHAUSTING with 4 kids in tow but if not now, then when?  I want them to experience things they didn’t know existed beyond their little bubble of the world.  I can’t wait to experience these things TOGETHER.


I was reflecting today on all the travels 2014 and 2015 have had or have in store.
In 2014 I visited:


  • Birmingham, AL
  • Topsail Island, NC (our family beach trip)
  • Spokane, Washington 
  • St. Maries, Idaho 
  • France: Nice, Eze, Carcassone, Sisteron, Paris
  • Chicago
  • Edisto Island, SC

2015 Travel in the books:

  • Anaheim, CA (Disneyland and to venture out to see the west coast)
  • Nashville, TN
  • Topsail Island, NC
  • Italy with friends, and Croatia work retreat (Not sure if I’ll make this trip since I’ll be 30/32 weeks preggo but…. I’m going to try!)
  • Mediterranean Cruise (I won a spot on the Global Leadership Cruise in June…. on my due date. I should be browsing Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece. Buuuuttt….. not this year.)
  • Dallas,Texas
  • Ecuador
  • I want to take one more family trip somewhere we haven’t been before… in the fall or winter


    Its crazy to me that this is something we can do.  That is feasible for our family to do.  I keep thinking I need to figure out a way to homeschool so we CAN travel when we want and not worry about pulling the kids from school.  I’m not sure that’s the plan but its an option.   I have a feeling the next few years are going to be full of adventure.



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