kickin’ it old school parenting

It’s been awhile since I’ve vented about my children driving me to want to drink.  Actually… I am pretty sure the last time they drove me to drink I ended up knocked up….. errrr.   Its been awhile since I’ve vented about the boys because well… maybe I’ve just become desensitized to the embarrassing parenting moments.  Or maybe because they’re both in school.  Or maybe because it isn’t summer.  Oh summer… I know there will be some doozies then.

It’s not a secret that my boys are a bit… strong willed.   At least that’s what I’d assume you’d call them.  Maybe I suck as a parent.  That’s probably more like it.  At this point I’m not quite sure.  We’ll say its both.  Because for some reason my kids can toe any line like it’s their job.   Tell them not to do something and they find some bass-ackward way to do it without actually going against the very thing I told them not to do.   I’ve dreaded school and babysitters because they need someone who is firm and will put their foot down and not let my kids walk all over them (ie… those sweet, doe eyed teenage babysitters who just want to be their friend… uhm…. doesn’t work).   Luckily, my boys are pretty good in school… minus Hudson’s first 2 months where he tried to get away with being stubborn but his teacher out-stubborned him.  I knew she was awesome. I’m also buying her a fifth of somethin’ somethin’ at the end of the year because lord knows I’d need it after a year of working with him HAHA!

The boys take an art class every Thursday night.  This is their 2nd semester.  The teacher is a young, quiet, sweet college girl.   Enter… recipe for disaster.   First semester we had a few issues with Hudson being a snot and not listening (ie… he thought it was a joke when he was goofing off and was told to stop).   2nd semester they had a sub for a few weeks.  She was a “mom age” and I could tell had a much more “doesn’t take any crap” personality and the boys were great for her.  No issues. Well, young, sweet, college girl teacher has been back teaching for awhile.  Tonight both of my boys decided to royally embarrass me with their rottenness.

First, Miss Sweetie Pie brings Porter out of class to me.  She explains that he didn’t want to draw and wanted to read his book, so she told him he’d need to leave class.   I thought this was it.  I looked at him and said “So what your’e saying is I’m paying for your art class and you’d rather read?”  Then she explains further… that he was being rude when she asked him to put his book away and had an attitude when she told him he needed to leave class.   I’m pretty sure steam started to pour out my ears.  I apologized to her and took his book away (WTF talk about irony… sorry kid I don’t want you to read!).   I told him to sit down and had him write her an apology.   I was fuming.    

After class, we went to get Hudson and Porter took his letter to Miss Sweetie Pie.  Then Hudson decided to start talking like a baby and saying “I’m a WOMAN!”  loud while all the parents are in the class checking out the art work from the evening.  I asked him to stop and he continued to baby talk and say weird, awkward things.  (Porter did explain to me that last week all the boys had sat at one side of the table and the girls at the other… and Hudson was on the girls side so they were joking with him that he was a girl or a woman).  My brain was screaming >>holy shit my kids are being so awkward and rude and weird tonight let me go crawl into a hole and die wtf is wrong with them I swear they’re normal!<<  After asking him to stop numerous times more I finally just growled at them both to go get their coats and get to the truck. NOW.  

Ryan was not happy when I told him Porter was kicked out of class.  H
e immediately started pacing the house looking for something.   A notebook.  And a pencil.  He wrote down “I will not be disrespectful” and told Porter he was to sit and write it 100 times. Ouch.    Then he realized Hudson had been rude too, so he told him to write 50 times (because he was just not listening… Porter had been disrespectful to his teacher).  Then Hudson earned 10 more sentences TWICE for throwing a fit about not being able to use a pen and something else.


Porter got his sentences done.  Hudson… got to 17.  He can not focus.  He sits and whines.  We told him he could do them during recess tomorrow if he doesn’t finish and still he sat and whined and dinked around with his pencil and anything else he could occupy his time with. Soooo… he’ll be writing tomorrow at school.   And probably in the truck on the way to the beach tomorrow night.

I swear.  I swear.   I’m at the end of my rope with consequences.  They’ve had privileges taken away.  They’ve lost technology. They’ve lost time with friends.  I don’t know what else to do.  So… I guess we go old school and write sentences.   Lord help me.

  1. I also liked substitute teacher they had at the beginning. She was way better and definitely had more control in Tyler's class as well. Tyler says that Miss Sweetie Pie is mean and doesn't know anything about Minecraft. He stopped wanting to go when she came back. If she was my teacher, I would probably goof off too 🙂 Maybe we need to give a helpful suggestion to the school?

  2. OHHHH I'm soooo glad to hear your thoughts on the two different teachers, Sadie! I was kind of bummed when I realized Miss Sweetie Pie would be back after a few weeks. 😦 She's nice but…. not really teacher material. I remember subs in school where you knew you could be an ass and they wouldn't do anything about it. I hate that my boys have that personality to know the difference already. GRRR.

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