hocus pocus omg i need to focus!

We are back from vacation and holy mother my brain is in overdrive.  I feel like I can’t focus on ANYTHING… yet I have so much swirling in my brain.   I have commitment-phobia.   Nesting this pregnancy has turned into an overload of anxiety, unease, stress, desire for change change change, and lots of tears.  EWW.

  • I need to order Baby Girls’ quilt off Etsy.  But I *STILL* have not fully settled on the fabrics I want to use.  GAH!   I need to buckle down and put together a sample and get it ordered!
  • Did I mention the nursery still has tons of junk in it…. a full sized bed, old rug, random pieces of furniture….. it is the epitome of unfinished.
  • I have a sign for her room halfway made.  Meaning… it has been built, stained, painted and is waiting for an actual QUOTE or something to be painted on it and then distressed.  Only….. I can’t decide on what I want it to say.  So that sits unfinished.
  • Third trimester has me falling apart.  I have acid reflux galore.  Oils aren’t helping this stage of it.  Its irritating my throat and I’ve been coughing like its my job, which makes me pee, which makes me so frustrated and I end up puking and peeing and crying all over the bathroom.  Glorious.  Such a glorious trimester.  I’m so over it.
  • Our house is grossing me out.  I feel like everything is dirty.  And cluttered.  I want to purge everything.  I want to organize everything.  I want to take a big fat mop and scrub every little surface of the house.
  • I also want to move.  BADLY.  I feel like we have zero room in this house.  I’m desperate to have more land.  I’m desperate to have a larger family area.   I want to move and settle in somewhere for the long haul.   I have found a perfect home for us except… it’s in Michigan.   Though neither of us can commit to moving out of state, so we’ll probably stay in MI. Who the hell knows.   All I know is I want out of Jackson and into a different school district.
  • And speaking of moving.  HOW DO YOU CHOOSE WHERE TO MOVE TO?   I mean, those of you who have moved out of state, or to an unfamiliar area…. HOW did you choose where to move to?   Did you find any websites that were helpful in helping determine which area to move to?   I’ve been looking on GreatSchools website as well as Neighborhood Scout website for schools but would love to know exactly how accurate that is??
  • I’ve been house shopping.  And school district shopping.  And beach house shopping.   Because obviously the best time to decide we want to invest in an oceanfront rental property is when you’re 83 months pregnant and ALSO want to move out of town.   But…. if we had somewhere to vacation a few times a year, that’d so be worth it.   This winter actually wasn’t too terrible- probably because we spent a bit of it traveling- Virginia, California, Nashville, Utah… maybe that’s the key. Stay busy and get the hell out of the frigid winter HAHA!
  • My heart about broke into a million pieces today because Amelia discovered her 1st year scrapbook album… that is so unfinished.  She was SO FREAKING HAPPY and excited to look at all her pictures.  I feel like an awful mom.  I’ve been so behind on scrapbooking the past 3 years.  I need to make it a priority.   Maybe this needs to be something I do…. get away for a few days and really just focus on catching up!
  • I’m ready for the sun to shine!  I’m ready for summer!  I’m ready to camp and take the kids swimming and be outside on our deck and go riding! (OMG I so can’t wait to be able to ride again!)  Today is gloomy and gray and it is depressing.  And it’s making my antsy stress levels rise.  Ugh.

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