33 weeks

33 weeks.  It feels like I have soooo much further to go.  But then I look at the calendar and realize it is almost May.  And technically I could easily have this little one in May, since my due date is the first week in June.

Today has been rough.  Little miss feels like she’s stretched all out and is trying to claw her way through my skin.  I can’t get comfortable.  My body aches and I feel like my skin is stretched as far as it can go. I took a hot bath with Lavender oil and Epsom salt tonight (I can’t even count the number of oil filled baths I’ve taken this pregnancy.  It has helped SO much).  I followed up the bath with ice cream, naturally.  Hahaha!
Porter is getting so excited to meet this baby.  He loves trying to feel her move and was talking to her tonight.  He’s going to be such a huge helper.
We kind of but kind of don’t have a name.  I have 3 I like.  We have sort of agreed on 1 name, but I keep feeling all wishy washy.  I think we will have to meet her to decide for sure.
He nursery is slooooowly coming along. I suppose by the 4th kid she should feel lucky to even get a room haha!   I’m excited to make a special space for her, though.  The decorating is just coming along slower than I typically do things.  It’ll get there though. I ordered a quilt for her and we still need to get out the crib (even though she’ll sleep in a co-sleeper in our room for awhile).
Porter seems to be feeling pushed aside with the new baby.  Or something.  He has been complaining a lot about just feeling like no one wants to do anything with him, or that his life sucks (basically).  Anything he can complain about.  (Even when we have suggested many things to spend time with him and he declines.  But then complains 10 min later).  I know he’s just likely feeling anxious about a new baby in the house.  He has complained about sharing a room with Hudson (and believe me I can’t wait to move or build a house so all 4 kids get their own rooms!). And he’s been asking me to sing songs to him at bedtime. Total regression over here haha!   Today I surprised him and picked him up at school and took him on a lunch date.  He seemed to enjoy it.  I need to do this more often with both of the boys.  I feel like our house is so full of chaos all the time that really getting intentional time with each of them is difficult.

Anyhow.  Here is a 33 week pic. Busting out there.  Holy mother.

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