36.5 weeks

At my appointment last week I found out little miss was breech.  This totally took me by surprise… But I did remember a few days earlier she had been doing some crazy, uncomfortable movements.   She had been head down as of my April appt.

He sent me for an ultrasound and sure enough, her head was right up in my ribs.   Awesome.  The plus side was the ultrasound tech took some 4d (or is it 3d?) images and oh my word is she precious!!  I can’t wait to see her in person!

For the past week I have been researching different ways to get her to flip naturally.  Today I went to a new chiropractor who is certified in the Webster Method, which has about an 80% success rate of encouraging babies to flip head down naturally.   She did some poking and prodding on my spine and joints and yadda yadda, and my pelvis is rotated as is my sacrum.  So, her plan is to get me back in alignment and loosen up some of my ligaments so that little miss can flip and drop naturally into place.

After my Chiro appt, I had my 36 week prenatal appt.  They scheduled a c-section for June 3rd (which is 39 weeks 4 days) because my actual 39 weeks falls on a Saturday.  I swear, if they’re going to cut me open; they could at least give me a week off of being pregnant (they won’t do it on the Friday may 29 bc I’m only 38 and 6 days.  Gimme a break).

So I left my appointment discouraged and grumpy.  Wait.  When am I NOT grumpy anymore.  June 3 is Hudson’s classroom memory party. His teacher is amazing and does a party with a slideshow from the whole year and each student gets a scrapbook from the year that she makes for them.  Seriously awesome.  However, now my c-section is that morning.  Grrrrrr.   I don’t plan on making it that long.  May is the month.  It needs to be.  My sanity can’t take it any longer.

As far as pregnancy goes, I’m hanging in there.  I feel like crap by the late afternoon.  I’m just done and over it.  My right hand/wrist has carpal tunnel and 3 of my fingers have been numb and tingly for the past 2 weeks.  Little miss is all up in my ribs, which is so uncomfortable.   My right hip hurts.  It is painful to walk.  My heels are cracked from wearing flip flops and my feet are swollen.   I’m just ready to have her here and get back to somewhat normal.  I’m trying hard to enjoy this pregnancy because it is absolutely my last, but I really truly am so miserable when I’m pregnant.

I think one of the hardest things right now is my attitude and lack of ambition to do anything (which frustrates me and makes me even grumpier).  Our house is a mess but I have no energy to organize or pick it up.  I am in such a rut with work, and just want to do nothing at all.  I have zero patience.  I want to do yard work and plant our garden but all of it just exhausts me.  I want to play with the kids and go horseback riding and take Amelia to the barn but there is no energy left to do those things.  I’ve skipped the past 2 baseball games of porters because I don’t have the patience or energy to chase Amelia around for 2.5 hours.  And all of that makes me feel like a horrible mom, and that just makes me grumpier.   It’s a ridiculous cycle.

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