we made it!

In the past few weeks, I’ve felt like we were never going to make it to close on this house.  The bank kept changing their requirements for us- first they won’t let us use LLC money for the down payment.  Then we couldn’t use all gift money.  Then, after 2 weeks of ridiculous requirements were met and cleared, they decided that since the money in our checking was “gifted” from Ryan (remember… they wouldn’t let me use money from our LLC for the down payment… you know, my CHECK?!) , we had to show my IRA to prove we had 2 months mortgage for both houses and, if necessary, we could liquidate it.  So ridiculous.

We finally made it.  It felt kind of surreal to be honest.  Surreal, but I’d been waiting so impatiently for it!  After we closed, we went out to the house to paint.  I was (am) determined to get a ton of painting done in 2 days.  Well… at the closing the sellers informed us that they’d taken their name off the account and the power was shut off, so we needed to make sure to call DTE to have it put in our name and turned back on.  No big deal, right?

I called DTE at 2:30 and gave them my info to have the utilities put in my name.  They said the power should be restored within 4 hour, tops.  Well, I wasn’t about to waste 4 hours, though it was 92* outside and the house was hot as hell, especially upstairs where we (my grandma and I) were painting.   6:30 rolls around so I call again.  The sweet lady at DTE did some troubleshooting with me and confirmed there was power getting to our meter outside.  I couldn’t understand why there would be an issue if the house had only been without power for a few hours.

Well, the neighbor across the street heard about our issue and called the previous owners.  They told him that DTE had actually come out and turned off the power at the meter, which would explain why the meter had power but it wasn’t going to the house.  Nice.  I called DTE back and sure enough, she said that would be the problem and unfortunately, it wouldn’t get fixed until the following day.  Throw a wrench into my plans, why don’t ya?

LeeAnn came out to help me paint, and we’d had plans to stay up until midnight and knock out some serious painting.  It was starting to look like we weren’t going to get much done.  Luckily, our other neighbor, offered to bring over their generator for us to use so we could power some lights upstairs.  Sweet!  So, by midnight we had accomplished painting 3 bedrooms and a few low walls in the upstairs loft playroom.  This did not include the trim 😦  That’s on the agenda for tomorrow… it needs to be oil base primed and then painted.  Ick.   But, I have faith we’ll get it done!

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