Life on the other side

Holy heck… it has been a whirlwind this past month!   Let me do a little catching up, I guess.  I may come back later and go into detail more (like about our trips etc) but we’ll see.  I spent my flight back home from Orlando (for FUEL)  writing out a daily schedule.  Some of my goals for my schedule are:

  • Blog 30 min/day
  • Run 30 min/3x’s a week
  • Read 30 min/night before bed
  • Scrapbook about 2 hrs/week (or two times a week?)
  • Ride 1-2x’s/week
So.   This past month.
  • We closed on the house Thursday, July 29th. WOOT WOOT!  We got in and immediately I started painting the kids’ rooms.  There was a bit of drama with the power etc… I’ll have to write more about that later HAHA!
  • That Saturday, Ryan, Eloise and I headed to Dallas for the week for Young Living’s Convention.  We had an awesome time, but I was so ready to get back to Michigan and MOVE!
  • We got back home Thursday night and drove back out to the new house to check out the painting.  We hired a painter to paint the living room and upstairs loft.   It. Looked.  Amazing.
  • Friday we moved some things out to the new house and I finished up painting a bit.
  • Saturday… MOVING VANS CAME!   Boy they were super fast!  Totally worth the cost.
  • We spent a week in the house getting settled.   The first night in the new house, Porter and Hudson slept together in Hudson’s new full-sized bed.   It was so sweet but it kind of broke my heart to know that they felt unsettled.  I know its normal, and I love that they felt that each other was their security.
  • On August 15th we left AGAIN for a week up in Mackinaw City.  It was a trip we’d planned before we knew we were moving, and Ryan’s uncle was flying in from Texas to camp the week with us.  We couldn’t miss it.   I hate to admit, though, that my heart just wasn’t into the trip.  We had a great time, but I was really just itching to be home and getting settled in.  Not to mention that I’d barely had time to work in the past month and felt like I was in a working mood and really really really wanted to just go home and hole up in my office.  Sick, right? I’ll write more about the trip later 🙂
  • We got home from Mackinaw and had a busy week…. the McKenney’s and Kilchers came over Monday, I spent Tuesday at the barn and back in Jackson, I had a few team webinars that week, and we met with a builder to have our mudroom/laundry room addition built.  Oh, and Ryan met with a realtor back at our old house to get it listed for sale.  AND we had Home Depot out to measure to put in wood floors here at the new house.  Yeah… this carpet has GOT to go.   I don’t know how people live with carpet.  Ruby keeps peeing on it.  Duncan keeps pooping on it.  The kids are spilling shit on it left and right, and I’ve dropped paint on it already.  Fail.
  • We took the kids on an “official” back to school shopping trip. We had a lot of fun.  The boys picked out matching shoes.   I found lots of cute things for the girls- as if they need anything new HAHA!
  • The last week of summer we tried to cram everything in.  We went to Independence Lake Blue Heron Bay waterpark/splash pad on Thursday.  I felt like we just needed to go do something fun.  Ryan was mowing the lawn (it takes freakin’ 5 hours!) so I loaded up the 4 kids and we went!  I was a bit bummed at first… seeing all these other moms with groups of friends and I was there alone.  But whatever.   I ended up chatting with a dad whose daughter was playing with Amelia and heard his whole story about moving back from Chicago and he’s an actor and we talked about challenges of working from home/for yourself etc.   Then Porter realized a little girl he’d been playing with was in his grade at his new school.  SOOO I mustered up guts and went up to her mom and introduced myself and chatted with her for quite a bit.
  • The next day we went to Erika’s and hung out at her pool.   The boys had Eian, our neighbor at our old house, come stay the night.
  • I finally got the boys registered for school… whew!   We went to their open houses and I’m super impressed with their schools.  I’m a little leery of P’s teachers, so we’ll see how that goes (he has a male teacher… and his last male teacher wasn’t so great, so I’m just totally skeptical of male teachers HAHA!).   Hudson’s teacher has been teaching awhile and she seems like she has a good, firm personality for Hudson which will be great.   Their media centers have iMacs in them… like 15….whaaa?  Sweet.  They also have this local Farm to School Program where one week a month they bring in fresh fruit/veggies etc from the community as a part of their lunches.  It seems pretty awesome!
  • Amelia started preschool today and she LOVED it.  I knew she’s be great.  She went into her class with no problem at all.  She’s so ready.  I’m not.
  • Eloise is getting so big! She’s the smiliest thing ever.  She LOVES her big siblings and they can make her smile and laugh so hard.
WHEW!  So that’s it for now… I have a lot I want to go into more detail about, so I’ll have to get my butt to work on that 30 min/day blogging!

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