half year updates

AMELIA @ 3.5:
This girl… she has such a charismatic personality.  I swear, everywhere we go the pre-tween girls just LOVE her.  And she eats up the attention like its a bag full of candy.  When we go to Porter’s football practices on Wednesdays, there is a group of 3 girls who are probably 8-11 years old maybe, and they just LOVE playing with her.  They push her in the swing and chase her around (because she is just running wild, grinning ear to ear “Hey come this way!  Let’s go do this!  Oh you can’t catch me!”).   I smile when I overhear the girls saying to each other “She’s so ADORABLE!   Isn’t she funny?  She’s so cute!”

She cracks me up when she accidentally breaks things… she’ll fess up. “Mom, I sorry I broked that ______… but it’s okay, it was an accident!”   And she’ll flash her big grin with her dark puppy dog eyes.
This summer she fell into my grandmas pool without floats and Ryan had to jump in and save her.   She told us for weeks “I almost DRAINED!”   And every time we went to a pool she’d say “ I need my floats so I don’t drain again.  I don’t like to drain!”
HUDSON @ 7.5:
Hudson is slowly but surely coming out of his shell.  He’s always been so painfully shy.  When we know he’s going to be in new situations, I try to coach him on how to respond when someone talks to him…. I let him know “You don’t have to talk to them a long time… you can be polite and just say Hi, or if they ask your name just tell them. OR if they ask you a question you can give them a thumbs up if it feels to hard or scary to talk.   When we went to his new school to meet his teacher he floored me with not being scared to say hi.  He recently started gymnastics where Amelia goes and he’s having a blast.  I think he lack of competition with others is giving him confidence… he loves the pit and trampoline.  He’s becoming more confident in going into class alone (I dropped him off yesterday and when I got inside with the girls he had joined his class on his own)

PORTER @9.5:
I am so proud of the little man he is becoming.  When we went camping this past August, I noticed just how much he’s growing, socially and emotionally.  This boy, he has so much wit and sarcasm and he’s hilarious to talk to.   At the campfire, he wanted to be included in all the conversation and joked back and forth with Ryan’s uncles.  It cracked me up, seeing him light up and shoot sarcastic jokes back.  He is starting to jump out of his comfort zone, too.   He’s always been a super social kid, and is always a friend to everyone.  But, in new situations, sometimes he freezes up, which has always surprised me with his go-getter attitude.   While on vacation, he randomly volunteered to be part of a demonstration for a log cutting mill demonstration.   He got up in front of the crowd, joked with the guy doing the demonstration, and had a great time.   It was adorable.   We also went zip lining and walked across a rope bridge.  I was CERTAIN he would bail, because when we were at Disney this past January he refused to do any of the big/fast rides that went high.  He wouldn’t go on the ferris wheel, or any ride that went high up.  However, he had no fear with the rope bridge, rock wall climbing or zip lining!  It was so neat to see him becoming so brave!

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