I never imagined blogging would take such a backseat to life, but lo and behold it has.  I’m trying hard to release the grip on my intense guilt of not documenting our lives very well in the past couple years.  I am trying to give myself grace and realize that it’s not going to make or break our lives and it’s the moments we live that matter, not the ones we write down.  However, I can’t help but feel like those moments not documented have fluttered off into the wind like dust.  

Life is crazy busy.  Always.  Even though Ryan is home it still feels like we are always on the go and always in need of an extra hand or two.  Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are our crazy days.
Amelia is in gymnastics on Tuesday mornings.  She’s been going for about a year and really loves it.  However, she has a hard time focusing and listening in class which is so so frustrating for me to watch.  The girl is fearless and so strong and active and loves gymnastics but she also loves to do her own thing, which leads to her not always following rules in class.
Hudson had been going to Brain Balance sessions 3 days a week in Birmingham.  It’s been a loooong year so far having to drive him an hour away 3 times a week.  That’s essentially about 3.5 hours of our night, gone.  (think: rush hour traffic).  His teacher has noticed a lot of improvement in his behavior (though there are still many struggles we are trying to overcome) so we are pressing forward and hopefully will “graduate” in June or July.
Porter is playing Lacrosse, which practices on Tuesday and Thursday’s.  Can I get a hell yeah for practices right after school?  It’s been amazing to be able to just go pick him up and not have to drive to practice and stay there during.  As with all sports he’s played, he enjoys it but doesn’t have a passion for it.  He plays, but he’s so not competitive and is pretty lackadaisical about playing.  Someday I hope to figure out what makes this boy light up and be inspired.

  1. Hi Nicole! My first comment was deleted, hopefully this one works….I also miss blogging and need to get back to it. Life, work, kids and FB has gotten in the way!!

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