This is one of the most fearless little girls I know.  She loves her Lacey, and begs to ride her almost daily. 

She’s learning to steer her on her own and she’s doing a darn good job at it!   The other day I saddled Lacey up for Amelia to ride and she insisted, mom I want to go fast!   Make her go fast!   She’s trotted before, so I told her we could Trot.  Well…. after a minute, Amelia bounced right off Lacey’s back and fell at her feet.  Thank goodness she had a helmet on.
I picked her up and she cried.  And then I told her to get back on, and tossed her up on Lacey’s back again.  We walked around a bit, and then she insisted I let her do it on her own. So I gave her the reins and reminded her how to steer, and she spent the next 20 minutes figuring out how to get Lacey to go into the trees area of our pasture and walk through the mud.  It was so cute and she is so persistent.
Then she says “I want to go fast again!”  I told her I didn’t think she was ready yet and she said “I will hold on tight!”   Ha!  After begging a few times, I obliged, and we trotted a minute and she was happy as could be.
I called this week to schedule riding lessons for her at a barn down the road.  They have a pony who the lady said Amelia would be able to lead and brush and help saddle and pick out his hooves.  I told her this and the look on her face was priceless.  She said “I can hold his hooves and pick them out all by myself?!”  She loves picking out Lacey’s hooves and is bummed she can’t do them on her own because, well, Lacey’s hoof is like the size of her head. Haha!
This girl.  Oh she has my heart for sure.   I love her determination and independence and bravery.

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