Cruise Recap

As I was packing for this trip, I made the decision to unplug and honestly not work at all (on the computer) this week (if you know me, i have not yet taken a vacation that I don’t work at least part time throughout the vacay). I survived, but feel a little “behind” and as if I should have been documenting my trip a little better. 

This week we took our first ever cruise. Let me back up…. It was for work (surprise?!) haha! And I got the chance to finally meet and connect with some of the amazing boss babes on my team that worked their booties off to attend! I spent my days with my family and Kendall, and was able to spend evenings with these incredible ladies!

A little recap…. Day 1: total stress. Hot. As. Hell. We survived. I was adamant cruises were not my thing.

Day 2: Coco Cay. Oh my word take me back! It was insanely gorgeous and I could have spent the entire week there! Formal night was this evening.

Day 3: Nassau. We put the boys in kids camp and took the girls off the ship to “explore” for a short bit. Omg. No. Haha! So hot. Unless you book an excursion (don’t just take a random taxi tour right Liza Wethy?!) just stay on ship.

Day 4: Key West. Again, so hot (seriously. Tropical location in JULY?!). We explored a bit… Went to the aquarium and to Blue Heaven for lunch and to the Southernmost point in the continental US. I managed to leave my purse at the restaurant and didn’t realize it until we were a good 20+ minute walk away and back on the boat. Luckily a manager at the restaurant was in between shifts and could be bribed to bring it to the port!

I felt like we were just getting into the groove of cruising and then it was over haha! All of the staff on the cruise was amazing and willing to go above and beyond. The activities were endless and there were so many options of things for kids to do.

Today we deboarded and we hung out in Coral Gables at a great hotel (highly recommend Hyatt Regency Coral Gables!) and pretty much swam from 9:30am to 6:30pm (minus an hour or two in there for naps)

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