taking stock

“In 2007 when I started blogging (yup, it’s been a while) I met women from across the world who had voices to share – some of those women have dusty blogs….that I’m hoping they’ll reset passwords and take stock for themselves.”

Thanks for the extra nudge Cass and Heather. 

Blogging… before Facebook… used to be such an amazing community.   I remember when I began blogging (back in 2005- BEFORE KIDS!), it was this little social circle online.  Not even little. BIG. 

By the time I had Porter, I’d formed friendships with other moms around the country who could kick back, share their thoughts and feelings on this online journal and we could commiserate the joys and hardships of parenting.  Now…well, everything is so instantaneous with Facebook.   It’s funny… I remember sitting down (often at nap-time) to jot down thoughts or stories from my morning.  It was often crazy.   Or chaotic.   Or madness.  Or one of those “you just have to laugh because what else do you do” things.   Sometimes I reminisced.  Or wrote down things that tugged my heart.   Or got some things off my chest.   Or shared worries.  Other times I waited until the end of the day and I’d recap things we did.   I was documenting.  I was documenting our life well lived.  The good and the bad.  

And now?  Now you whip out your phone and write these stories… these documentations of your life and their childhoods… on Facebook.  And where does it go from there? Nowhere.   Lost on the “wall” in-between funny memes and shared YouTube videos, political rants and Happy Birthday greetings from people you barely know.  

It’s been awhile since I’ve been a “GOOD” blogger.   Since I’ve really spent time thinking about the things I want to remember.  I occasionally jot down funny sayings in my notes app on my phone, and over the past year or two have put them on my blog but the day to day things?  They’re lost.  The little things that make my heart leap and my eyes tear up in the middle of tantrums and sibling fights and the hustle and bustle… they’re gone.  I’m sure at some point something will trigger a memory, but nothing like being able to go back and read our life stories in writing.

So, I want to try to be better.  I want to try this again.   And I’m just going to jump back in with some easy!
Currently I am… 

Making: lists.  I make lots of lists.  Right now I’m making a list of things I want to decorate/finish decorating around the house.  

Drinking:  Diet Coke from McDonalds

Reading: “After Anna” (I just finished “Me & Emma”, and the sequel “What Happened to my Sister”  Both GREAT books!)

Wanting: to move to the middle of like 50 acres with no neighbors.  

Looking: at rugs for the playroom.  And the dining room.  And the living room.  Why are rugs so hard??

Deciding:  on what to write for this answer.  OMG.   Last one.   Not going to answer it.  Because.   

Enjoying: the thought of a weekend without any major plans so far.   I’m going to take some pictures of my sister and her girls, we have church on Sunday, and we’re going to go to an Open House Sunday afternoon to check out a house for sale.  Other than that…. I think we’ll hang out, scoop up horse poop, tinker around with reorganizing the house a little and that’s that!  

Liking: that it is November 4th and the weather still seems so NICE outside.  It’s been chilly, sure… but we’ve had such a BEAUTIFUL, warm fall so far!

Hoping: we can get something planned for family pictures soon.    

Loving:  the fall colors.  Michigan in the fall is SO BEAUTIFUL

Pondering:  if I’ll ever get this barn built for my horses.  And pondering if maybe God is putting these blocks in the way to tell me this isn’t the plan.   That this isn’t the place to build it.  That I need to wait.  Hold off.  Maybe something better is coming?  

Listening: to the tv in the living room.  Ryan is watching a show.   
Buying: ohhh shoot I’ve been buying up the cutest girl clothes lately.  I MUST STOP!   Their closets are full (though Amelia has outgrown a lot of her stuff!)  but DANG they’re only little for a short while.   I can’t help it.  
Wearing: leggings and a sweater from Target.
Disliking: our neighbors.  What’s new.  
Opening:  uhm.   probably another browser tab?  Because 43 isn’t enough. 
Giggling:  at the Trolls movie.   I took the 3 big kids to see it this afternoon, and it was SO cute!   Funny, kind of cheesy at times, but had a great message.   

Embracing:  Lulu being little.   She’s growing so fast.  She’s turning into such a TODDLER.   She’s the sweetest thing ever and I am cherishing her silliness right now.  


  1. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You inspire me to start blogging too. Sometimes the little voice in my head says, “what the heck do you have to say that anyone would listen to? You're a stay at home mom of a toddler who lives a gypsy life. Nobody cares.” But then I hear my friends voices and I know they crave feeling understood and having someone share their life with a genuine, straightforward, point of view. Thank you for helping me see that I deserve a voice and a point of view. Xo

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