practicing skills

Earlier this summer I created a “Summer Checklist” for the kids.  They have to complete certain tasks before being allowed to use any electronics time.   One of the things on the list is “practice a skill for 30 minute”.  Meaning… practice the drums/baseball/basketball/etc… some kind of “skill”.

I’d looked outside, and saw her standing on the porch with her arms straight up, Superman style, and she told me she was practicing flying.   Then she says “Actually, no.  That’s not flying.  I have to lay down.”

Shortly after that I walked back past the front door and found her on the porch like this.

Me: “Amelia… what are you doing?” .
Amelia: “Practicing a skill for more than 30 minutes.”
Me: “What skill are you practicing?”
Amelia: “flying”

Notice the timer? I’m dead. This kid cracks me up. Summer checklist FTW. .
#summerchecklist #kidsarefunny #flying#momlife #kidlife

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