ella bella

Today we said goodbye to Ella Bella. We adopted her in 2010 from the animal shelter.  She was already 5 years old when she joined our family and was the most kid-tolerant cat I’ve ever seen in my life.  The kids used her as a pillow, Amelia crawled and laid on her as a baby and toddler, and they could carry her around like a rag doll. In the past week I noticed her acting a little “off”, and on Monday I noticed her chin seemed swollen. I took her into the vet yesterday and he speculated oral cancer.  She’s had a “rounder” than normal stomach for a year or so, and upon doing an X-ray also found a softball sized mass in her abdomen that was displacing her intestines and stomach.  She hadn’t been eating and just overnight (we brought her home so the kids could say good-bye) her drooling got a lot worse. I knew she was so uncomfortable.

Amelia was so upset when I told her last night, and asked if we could sing her “we wish you well” song from school. They unanimously chose to bury her at the new property.  Eloise was really confused when we had her in the box and put her in the ground.  She kept saying she didn’t want to leave Ella at the property. I told her Ella was in Heaven now…. but she was like “No she not. Ella is in the box in the ground” 😂 #captainobvious *sigh* we will miss your quiet, sweet personality around here, Ella Bella.

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