Soaps + Sips

We had an amazing turnout for the Soaps + Sips class! I thought I’d write up a little how-to with links to everything for those of you interested in having a class of your own!

Melt and pour goatsmilk soap is a super easy way to make your own custom soaps! Each bar of soap is about 4oz, and everyone made 3 bars of soap.

Each person weighs out 12oz of soap and melts them in a Pyrex cup in the microwave. I suggest putting in for a minute and then stirring every 30 seconds after until it’s thin and all melted.

Then, stir in your oils and any other mix-ins (oatmeal, turmeric, activated charcoal etc). We also added dried flowers and herbs and it made them so pretty and unique! Some people put the flowers in first and then poured their soap, some poured and then added the dried flowers on top. Totally your preference.

One of my favorite additions was dehydrated orange slices! I sliced clementine oranges very thin, and put on parchment paper in the oven on 200° for 4 hours. It looked so pretty in the soaps!

When adding activated charcoal, do it over the sink very carefully. It can be messy!

I made up a recipe sheet with sample oil blends- feel free to print these to use! A very basic rule of blending 3 oils is to choose a Top note, Middle note and Base note. You want to do about 50% of one, 25% of another and 25% of the last.

(For example: 25% Top note, 50% Middle note, 25% base note). Don’t worry about following this exactly, as there are far deeper explanations and recommendations for perfume making- I suggest for soaps just finding scents you love and going with it!

After the soaps are poured, label them and pop them on the fridge for about 45 minutes. You’ll know they’re ready and firmly set when you touch the bottom and the middle underneath is hard. We used clipboards to put the silicone molds on to transfer to the fridge and back.

I was so impressed with how gorgeous everyone’s soaps turned out!

Goatsmilk soap:

Shea Butter Soap:

Rectangle Silicone Molds:

Silicone Molds with floral:

Essential oils:

Dried flowers:

Activated Charcoal:


Soap boxes:

    1. Charcoal soap helps to absorb excess oil, dirt, product buildup and harmful bacteria from your skin, all of which are leading causes of common breakouts. Charcoal also works as an anti-inflammatory, absorbing substances that inflame the skin so it can prevent redness and leave you with cleaner, clearer skin.

      Handmade turmeric soap cleanses your skin of excess sebum, pollution, and acne-causing bacteria. Mild exfoliation: Turmeric powder is gently abrasive and sloughs off dead skin cells. Clear acne: Turmeric soap can help fight pimples + body acne, calm breakouts and improve the appearance of acne scars.

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