My Bucket List


    1. Have our family pictures taken by Tara Whitney
    2. Make a quilt like Grandma Swett
    3. Get a tattoo  August 2015
    4. Swim with dolphins  did this when I was about 15
    5. Buy Lemonade From A Kids Stand
    6. Sing At A Karaoke Night
    7. Go To A Photography Workshop
    8. Sit In A Real Hot Spring
    9. Visit The Redwood Forest
    10. See the Grand Canyon
    11. Make Wine
    12. Write & Publish A Book (possible ideas:  Porterisms….)
    13. Run Through Sprinklers
    14. Take my family to Ecuador
    15. Dance With My Husband
    16. Shake a Presidents Hand
    17. Jump In a Lake With All My Clothes On
    18. Knit A Blanket For A Grandchild
    19. Run a 1/2 Marathon
    20. Donate My Hair To Locks Of Love
    21. Grow Vegetables Summer 2013
    22. Save a Life
    23. Vacation to Disney World December 2013
    24. Foster a child
    25. Rent an oceanfront house with our friends and their kids.  April 2011
    26. Send Mail To Strangers
    27. Ride in a gondola in Italy
    28. See the Eiffel Tower August 2014
    29. Grow our own pumpkins for Halloween  2018
    30. Teach Kids To Cook
    31. Wade Through A Creek
    32. Spend Time Coloring
    33. Make Christmas Cookies For The Homeless
    34. Take A Famous Persons Picture
    35. Wine Taste In Napa
    36. Ski in Colorado
    37. Visit Niagara Falls
    38. Write A Letter To Someone Who Inspired Me
    39. Learn to Salsa Dance with my husband
    40. Laugh Until My Belly Hurts
    41. Run Through A Rain Storm
    42. Spend 2 weeks in France with my family
    43. Achieve my ideal weight
    44. Catch fireflies with my kids Summer 2014
    45. See the Statue of Liberty February 2017
    46. Sleep in a hammock
    47. Go on a road trip
    48. Build our dream home
    49. Learn how to play the guitar
    50. Go to the Cirque du Soleil  December 2013
    51. Start my own business January 2007
    52. Renew our marriage vows
    53. Donate blood
    54. See Coldplay in concert
    55. Take a couples-only trip to Las Vegas
    56. Take a couples-only trip to somewhere warm and sandy
    57. Get fake nails
    58. Pay off student loans December 2016
    59. Take a ‘Momcation’ with my ladies to somewhere tropical an all inclusive
    60. Stop living paycheck to paycheck Summer 2014
    61. Own an oceanfront house/timeshare

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