A little less confusing…

Alright, so I think I’ve figured out this blog thing.  I’ve spent hours messing with the colors and the layout and the links.. blah blah blah.  Then I went outside to paint the shed and thought "why did I just do that? Will I even use that stupid blog?"  Well, I suppose I should at least try to update it and maybe it’ll be nice to journal a little each day.   Put my thoughts out there, sort out my brain a little. Yes, it needs lots of sorting! 

Graduation is finally over!  It seems like just yesterday I was thinking "Gosh, two more years of school left!"  I can not believe that I am finally done with.  Not that I won’t have many more college courses to take.  I plan on getting my masters, not sure in what. I’d like to do something with Early Childhood Development or Reading/Literacy. 

May13_05_graduation_036_3 May13_05_graduation_025_copy_2

Ryan is working a second job now.  His choice, not a necessity.  Scott is a chef at Azalea’s and when they were golfing (and let me mention- drinking) on Thursday somehow Ryan ended up working for Scott. He’s the Dessert/Soup/Appetizer Dude. He said there’s some fancy name for it but he couldn’t remember.  So, I’m home alone tonight, as I was last night and will be tomorrow night.  He’s working a ton of hours this week, which means a very grumpy Ryan.  YIKES! 

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