this weblog thing is a bit confusing!  i figured that i’d just be able to click click clik and be done with it, but noooo, i’m still here trying to figure out how to post on the darn thing. hopefully i’ll be able to mess around with it tonight since ryan is working. 

  1. We have a couple of those books… we introduced them to the kids probably almost a year ago.Savannah really liked the books and I think the theory works really well- I love how it's spelled out to the kids in such a visual way. Sawyer doesn't quite grasp the idea as well as I'd like yet,but then again we haven't talked about it in awhile. It might be time to look through those again with him.I think it's definitely one of those things that at this age depends on the kid. Sawyer- meh, not so much… but I told my friend about them and she borrowed them and her three year old really took to the idea (he's younger than Sawyer). I could see P really taking to it.

  2. My kiddos love it and it works well for us! Ayden learned it at school but brought it home and we started using it at home. We had to make it visual for maddie…using marbles and a jar…hope it works for you!

  3. the bags are so cute!i just bought a bike a month or two ago and they told me to bring it back to get tuned up (i think that's the term – haha) after riding it for awhile. apparently when it's new, things loosen up after a few rides and then you need to tune it up again (i don't know anything about bikes). so yeah, i would definitely take it in and have them check it over. love the bike you got!

  4. Porter is so cute asking if he could help. 🙂 Love the pics, love the bags…you are so creative! I need to learn to sew. 😉

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