Like My Mother!

Ever do things and think "MY MOM DID THAT?"  I totally do, all the time.  For example, naptime with Aria isn’t always an easy chore and, with a little inspiration from SuperNanny I’ve found the perfect remedy to her getting out of bed 50 times and goofing off, only to realize that it is exactly what my mom used to do!  So I sit in her doorway and stare at her. Yes, stare at her.  It sounds rediculous, but let me tell you, after about 3 minutes, the girl is OUT.  Asleep. And I just totally acted like my mother.  *sigh* whats a girl to do? 

Another Aria moment today.  (In case you don’t know, Aria is the 3 year old I babysit).  She loves Polly Pockets and has recently been "playing dolls" as she ventures away from toddlerhood into the realm of big girl play.  So here’s our "play":

A: "Cole, will you play"

N *sigh* "yeah, sure"

A: (holding her plastic Polly Pocket horse there in front of me on the ground, simply staring at me)

N: (talking the Polly)  "Oh hi horse!"

A: "hee hee"

We both sit there for a minute

A: "Cole, PLAY!"

N: "ok ok I am.  Whats your name!" (talking the Polly)

A: hides her Polly Pocket Horse behind her back "Horses don’t talk"

Ok, so how exactly am I supposed to play?

N: "well, your horse has to talk. I can’t sit and talk to nothing"

A: "hee heee"

we both sit there for another minute. i decide to play dress up with my polly pocket.

A: "Cole PLAY!"

N: "I am playing!  I need to dress her up"

So this goes on until she gets bored of playing.  I mean, I just don’t have the imagination that I did when I was 10.  And especially if my Polly is the only one who can talk!  I mean, how long can you have a conversation between a Polly Pocket and a non-talking Polly Pocket Horse??

  1. LOL!! This totally had me crackin’ up!! I’ve been in that same situation many times when playing with really little kids!!

  2. hahahaha…you mean you couldn’t figure out how to play with the mute horse? LOL! 🙂

    And, sidenote…if I ever start acting like MY mother, promise me you’ll come visit me in the Funny Farm!

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