New Pictures!

There are new Dog pictures on my photosite.  Click the link on the left that says "My Photography Portfolio" or, well, I guess you could just click this link:

Happy Browsing!   🙂

***edited to answer Denise’s question***

Its not what kind of dog do you have, it’s more of how many kinds of dogs do you have. LOL.  We have 4 dogs. Yes, I said four dogs- and big ones at that!  On the photo site only Zoey and Samson are pictured. 

  • Zoey is a Rottweiler/Hound mix and she’s such a klutzy clown. 
  • Samson is a Lab mix and he acts like such an old man, unless food is involved.
  • Reese (not pictured on the photo site) is a Doberman/Husky mix and she’s very sweet, yet very skitterish. 
  • Ramsey (not on the photo site either) is a Rottweiler and she’s such a big baby and very smart too. 

The other little dog on the photo site is Carson, my cousins’ dog. He’s a Pug/Beagle mix. 

  1. Four dogs!!! Wow Nicole!! I have four cats, but four dogs??!! And they’re BIG dogs!! I can’t imagine how much you spend on dog food every month, especially if you give ’em the good stuff!!! They sure are cute though!!

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