Now that I have no real "schedule" other than my 3 work days a week, I just seem to be so lazy!  Not to say I don’t have a lot to do, but I just keep procrastinating. I think, "oh I can do that later".   Amongst my things to do today are:

  • Finish laundry (UGH. Neverending)
  • Clean the basement
  • Straighten my scrapbook stuff and clean the office
  • Go to the grocery store to pick up the last of the things for the party
  • Go to Menards to get 6 more landscape bricks and a few last plants to finish up my landscaping.
  • Mow the lawn

I’m sure there’s tons more things to do, but of course I just would put those off too.  HOWEVER… I did accomplish ONE big thing the other day. I’d wanted to do this since we moved in.  I wanted to hang some flower baskets on the shed and paint the trim, and it only took me 3 years to get it done.  Here’s my finished project. YAY!


Looks nice and cozy, huh?  Well, at least that got done before the party. 

I’m off to go procrastinate a little more….

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