So wanna know what can really get my goat?  Ignorant assholes. Yes. Ignorant assholes.

Cameron (my bro) had a baseball game tonight and Ryan and I took Ramsey (sweet ol Rottweiler) with us.  Mind you, she has been through several obedience classes and is a VERY well mannered dog.  She was completely sweet the entire game, played a bit with my brother’s little puppy, and was so well mannered while we sat for 3 1/2 hours.  At the end of the game, Cam’s puppy Gabby jumped on Ramsey and she let out a grow/bark at her and jumped back.  I yelled NO and Ryan told her no, and Ramsey laid down on the ground.  Gabby was not hurt, she went along her hyper puppy business.  This man in a lawn chair in front of us said something along the lines of "keep control of your killer attack dog" and I just laughed, thinking he was being sarcasting (knowing full well that my 80 lb Rottweiler could have snapped that 10 lb puppy in half if she’d really wanted to.)  The man’s wife smiled at me and laughed.  I thought they were joking. He said something else under his breath and Ryan said "Excuse me sir?" and the guy ignored him.  Ryan said again "Excuse me?"  and the guy said "You better make sure you have good insurance bringing that killer attack dog here."  Ryan retorted "This is the best damn trained dog you’ll ever see."  I hauled Ry away and said "Its not worth it to argue with ignorant people."  Ryan told me that the guy was saying something about not being predjudice against that breed, but OH PUH LEESE.  She growled at a puppy for invading her space.  Its dog behavior. Good Lord.  GRRRRRRR that just irritates me beyond belief. 

Now, you tell me- does this look like a Killer Attack Dog to you?


So here’s my plan.  The next game, Killer and I are going for sure. I think I need to hunt for a pink t-shirt for Miss Killer and I’m going to iron-on letters that say "Killer Attack Dog" and maybe iron on a cute little princess crown with it.  Oh and heck, lets throw in a huge spike collar too.  I’ll dress in cutesy pink and a skirt to match her (lets do some good mockery here, huh?) and we’ll set up camp right next to the ass who thinks I need to bring some good insurance. 


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