Stressin out

Oh my dear sweet hubby drives me up the wall!  Seriously, he has to get a new (used, but new to him) vehicle every 2 years.  Well, I can tell that the 2 years is almost up with the truck because he’s test driving a 1998 Durango as we speak.  I’m so stressed out about it. 

Actually, here’s the link to it: Durango

We know the car salesman very very well, and we 100% trust that he’d never sell us a vehicle he thought would be bad.  If we trade the truck in we will only have to pay $2,000 for the Durango.  We’re getting it for DIRT CHEAP b/c we know the salesman. 

Theres lots of cons and lots of pros so I thought maybe I’d list them and see how it weighs out.



  • Keeping the truck would mean no change.  Change is scary
  • Has a bed to haul things in   (however, we can use FIL’s truck if we needed)


  • Great family vechicle, will fit infant car seat perfectly
  • The vehichle I LOVE- we planned on trading in the Santa Fe on one once we pay it off
  • Drives NICE
  • Ryan has more confidence in its engine over the trucks



  • Ryan is scared the engine will go out on it soon
  • Infant car seat won’t fit in the extended cab
  • 160,000 miles, scared we might need to replace it
  • Way rusted out
  • Drives like an old piece of poop


  • 180,000- thats a lot.  what if we have to replace it?
  • What if the transmission goes out or something?
  • minor rust on back door, and by windows

So I just keep thinking, I guess I’d be so pissed if we had to put a new engine in the truck, but the Durango is something that if we had to drop a couple thousand into a new engine, well then not horrible (other than the cost) but it’d still be a vehicle we like and is suitable for us.   

We really will need to get rid of the truck now that we think of it, since we hope to start a family soon.  Ryan will probably be the main person to pick the baby up from daycare so he’ll need to have a vehicle that can accomodate that. 

AHHHHH I’m so stressed. I guess I’m leaning more towards just GO FOR IT and get teh Durango and if we have to get a new engine, so be it and its like new (other than the little rust, but that won’t get horrible for years, right?)

Any advice?

  1. Girlfriend…I know your pain. I always say that MyRy has to change vehicles more often than most guys change their underwear…He’s 26 and has owned like 12 or 13 vehicles!
    I think this is one of those things that you both need to pray about tonight. Let God tell you which path to take. (SOOOOO much easier said than done, I know!)
    Good luck!!!!!!!!! I know that things will work out!

  2. I totally agree with Jess. You need to pray about it and see what the Lord wants you to do. I know it’s sooo hard, but he is the only one that can let you know what is best for you guys.

    Don’t you just love guys and their cars? LOL!

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