Update on Durango

I’m pretty sure we’re going to get it.  I was really worried about the rust on the back door and on one fender, but I took it to a body shop today and to fix every little rust ding, the front bumper (rock chips, normal, little rust), the window seals which are corroding but not a harm to the body just looks bad, the back door (weld it and make it good as new) and weld the fender (welding is the only way to get rid of it and make it better) it will be around $800 which seems like a ton, but I figure we’re getting it for dirt cheap and we can do the rust repairs one at a time as we get the money.  And if we need a new engine, the body will be in perfect condition so Voila!

I’ve been driving it today all around town. I want to run the sucker out to make sure nothing is going to start going wrong once its driven a bit.  The only thing I’ve notice I don’t like is a squeaky belt and the steering wheel squeaks a tiny bit when you turn it to the left.  I’m sure the belt is nothing big and the steering wheel probably just needs a tad of grease.  And, if you compare it to the truck its 10 times nicer to drive.  I’m getting sold on it more and more.

One thing the does worry me is the Check Engine light came on Weds when we drove to Cam’s game, but yesterday it turned off. Today it was back on again when I left the house but around 11 it turned off again.  Simon (salesman at Dodge) said he’d have it hooked up to the diagnostic thing to see what the code is and what the problem is, but the light needs to be on for them to do the test.  Some "car saavy" guy at Ry’s work said he thought it was emissions or something like that and maybe the 02 sensor (which Ryan can fix. He fixed the 02 sensor on my Avenger).  Sooo I guess its not that big of a deal b/c the truck is going to have lots of things wrong with it too.

Oh and did I mention that we can probably do about an even trade for it?  We aren’t going to trade in the truck.  We have some money saved and we’re going to just pay cash for it and put an ad in the AutoTrader for the truck.  Ryan looked up other trucks for sale same as his and the cheapest was $4500 so I think we can probalby break even with the Durango’s $4000 cost.  What a deal huh?

Girls, I tried to listen to what God is telling me and I’m so torn between both vehicles.  I am nervous about taking the risk on the Durango, but I’d be so upset to take the risk on keeping the truck and having to dump money into that. I’d rather spend money fixing up a nice Durango that that truck.  I asked God to give me a sign, a noticeable one (because I don’t see subtle things, you see) if the Durango isn’t meant to be.  Well the Check Engine light went OFF today and its driving great and I love it.  I dunno. Is that a sign?

  1. Sounds like an awesome deal! I wouldn’t worry too much about the check engine light. Matt’s old car did that all the time and it was just a sensor that had to be replaced. I think if you feel good about the decision, then go with it. Only you can know what is best! :o)

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