Ho Hum Day

Worked today- took Aria to Barbies where she lived her every fantasy to chase chickens and pet horses all day.  After work I stopped by Dodge to get another key and remote for the Durango.  I checked on the prices for the fender flares (we noticed we’re missing one, but its obviously not that obvious since we stared at that very wheel well many times contemplating the rust on it and never noticed that there was no fender flare to match the other 3) Anyway, the fender thingy is going to be $160 and the slim part that goes on the door (to match) is going to be $80. YIKES. What a rip off.  I guess we’ll do without- I’m sure if we didn’t notice it for 3 days then other people probably won’t notice either.   I washed the Durango and stopped by the grocery store.

MMMMMM Beef tips and noodles. I smell it. YUM.  Thats what we’re having for dinner.  I am starving.

Well, thats about it for now.  Boring day.  I want to work on the look of this blog later tonight. I threw this together last night when I was really needing to be sleeping. I just couldn’t bear to leave it mismatched after I accidenly deleted the other "theme". 

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.  This is sooo freaky.  I would have crapped my pants. No, wait, I’d have had a heart attack.  No, what the heck would I be doing surfing???   

Ok I’m addicted again.  What is it with me finding these hilarious singer-wannabe’s?

  1. Hi, Nic! Funny about the deodorant. When we lived in Holland, none of the deodorants worked there. So we had to buy about nine each every summer that we visited the States. (We always bought Sure, which we still use.) Anyway, while I was going through radiation, the doctors forbade me to use ANY deodorant for the whole two months! Yuck! I had this stupid “deodorant crystal stone” from the health food store, which did not work at all. It actually absorbed my b.o. and put it back on me after I showered, so I gave it up. So in the end, I showered twice a day. So now Sure works very well, especially compared to nothing!

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